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Furniture painting 101

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1. Gather up all necessary tools including sandpaper, brushes, rollers, paint trays and paint.
2. Remove sand paper from cat's mouth. Throw away.
3. Remove cat from garbage pail. Remove sandpaper from cat's mouth again. Throw away. Put lid on pail and tighten.
4. Take new piece of sandpaper and lightly sand furniture along the grain of the wood for even paint coverage.
5. Remove cat claws from hand and sanding block. Throw catnip stuffed bear to the other side of the room in hopes cat will follow.
6. Pour paint in tray.
7. Remove catnip stuffed bear from tray.
8. Remove cat from tray.
9. Begin painting by cutting in the edges with a 2 inch brush.
10. Remove cat claws from back of neck and place cat on floor.
11. After cutting in corners, begin laying on a thin coat of paint with a superfine sponge roller.
12. Remove cat from shelf. Bring cat to bathroom and wash off paws.
13. Paint over catprints on top of furniture.
14. Remove cat teeth from toes.
15. Paint over catprints on inside shelf of furniture.
16. Decide furniture doesn't need to be painted as much as originally thought. Throw out supplies and go take a nap.

And That was my sunday
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lol Poor thing. Our babies do love to help, don't they?
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good lord I needed that.
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When my SO was teaching me to make needles for tattooing, the first thing on my notes was "put the cats out."
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I had a couple of furry helpers the other day while painting some weather stripping inside. Pushy is good - he'll just sit and watch. Wiggies of course has to get right in their and leave his mark.
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