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I 'adopted' a kitty!!

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While I was on holiday for the past 2 days I sort of 'adopted' a cat.
I was coming out of the hotel heading back to the room when this extremely skinny rough-looking meowing calico came running over. Aww it was so cute! it looked like had never been fed though, it was really thin. So this morning on the way back from breakfast we saw this little cat again. She followed us all the way back to the room and wouldn't leave us alone! So I secretly went to reception and ordered some milk. (little did they know it was for the kitty) She lapped all of it up in about 20 seconds, poor little gal was really thirsty!

Sorry this is a bit long, has anyone else 'adopted' a cat while they were on holiday? Has anyone given them bits of food because they were skinny, adorable and looked innocent and hungry??
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by the way incase anyone is going to ask it didin't have fleas or anything I presume it was the hotel's cat but it did look as though nobody really cared for it
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Not sure if you know, but milk is really bad for cats - it gives them the runs! You can get specially formulated milk for cats from the grocery store or pet shops. Best thing you can do for it is give it fresh water, and if there's any shops nearby, some cat food.
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aw...poor thing,are you going to take her home???
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Well, I've never adopted a cat when I was on holidays...but maybe you were just meant to find this little one?
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ok, thanx for replying guys, just a few things:

OMG I didn't know it was that bad for cats!! It wasnt' that much , just a few of those little cartons you usually find next to mugs in a hotel room.

Secondly I didn't mean adopted as in take her home lol, I meant as in adopted her for two days, (just gave her some milk, said bye and went home) lol Wish I could, but somehow I don't think Tab (or my parents) would like it! And I daresay she'd probably try to get home (she could just be a cat from in the town near to the hotel)

Sorry people I guess I lead you down the wrong path lol. I just gave her some fuss and a bit of milk. Sorry!
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Oh gosh this happens to me all the time my husband laughs he says cats find u anywhere! the most recent was when we were in Miami leaving on a cruise the next day and these kittens came up to us while we were sitting outside so I went in and got them some food off the buffet and then followed them back to where they were hiding and there were a lot more kitties so we left a bunch of food for them there. I don't think I've gone anywhere where I didn't leave worried about some poor cat or dog
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WE adopted all 3 of ours
bootsie was our first we have had her over 7yrs now
we found her one day in our back yard
she is simese has beautiful blue eyes
we just love her we tried to find owner but no replys
then snowball came in our yard my daughter fed her
was so skinny! we had her checked out by vet
and now she has 2 kittens
susie my grandma went in nursing home so we took her in
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Same type thing happened to Luckygirl/Heather,but she and DH brought that kitty home. It's so hard for me to see a kitty that looks like no one cares for it Thanks for trying to help.
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