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Painting tips, (loungeroom)

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Time is getting closer for me to move out, i bought paint and colour for the new apartment but i havent bought it yet for the loungeroom.

The bathroom is going to be Pink, the kitchen and hallway is going to be a light apricot colour and the bedroom bottom half wall is a very dark purply, red colour.

So what colour should i use for the loungeroom?

My bookshelf is white, my tv is silver, the tv holder is glass, my computer desk is also white/gray, and my couch is going to be BLACK!

Any advice??

I know how good and arty you guys are, i need some help!
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A nice light smoky blue often looks wonderful with blacks, whites, and silvers.

You could also do a sage or olive green, camel, or if you're bold....RED.
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you can always go to behr.com, sherwinwilliams.com, or any of the other big name paint sites. You can choose the colors you have in the color picker and they will make suggestions for additional colors. Has helped me out of a bind more than once
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I second the colour chooser software. Just go to their websites and play around with the photos they have. You can get a good idea of colours from that even if they don't sell that particular brand in Germany.
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Thanks for the site!

This is what i plan my loungeroom to look like

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That looks nice!
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Whatever color you choose, you might want to read this post first...

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lol Surely its easier painting a wall than a shelf though right? Although they could bounce off of the walls instead of walking all over the shelves....
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I did the walls before I attempted the furniture (It was a dresser btw, but the sides have shelves). Was a tad easier until the cats decided to rub themselves along the walls
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well i am doing the apartment before i take the kitties in!
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