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Help... Need a Vet???

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I adopted a cat off the streets about a year ago and took him to the vet for all his shots, test's & neutering. Ever since then he has been battling this irritation around his butt. He has been back and forth to see the vet and they seem to think it is a food allergy. He has been put on antibiotics and steroids and I feed him special prescription food. Nothing seems to work.I would really like to find a different vet for a second opinion. He is constantly licking himself to the point he is bleeding.
If anyone can help me out w/ a good vet....My poor kitty would be very grateful....
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I think a second opinion would be a good idea. Maybe there will be someone along to answer this thread that lives in your area.
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I sure hope so... I hate seeing him like this...
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If you have friends or family with pets, you could ask them about the vets they use. Or... check the phonebook and pick someone out to give a try.
I hope your little one recovers quickly!
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could be a lot of things, my cat does the same thing xcept hes not hurting himself and hes just been diagnosed with Feline hyperestesia syndrome..we've got him on hypo allergetic food have change to dust free litter the vets have so far ruled out neurological problems...maybe an allergic reaction to the flea treatment, maybe food allergies could be seasonal allergies....poor thing and poor you coz the Good Lord knows that this is a very frustrating thing....we've had Bubbles on Dexazone, didn't gie him much releif, so we switched to prednisone, still no releif we tried Chlomicalm, for a few days not knowing it could take 3 weeks before the meds start to work finally it seems that the elavil (amitriptyline has an antihistamine agent in it as well as an anti anxiety...he gets 2 x 5 mgs a day and so far these have been the best...you have to rule out any health probs first before they'll tell u its allergies....could be behavioural probs as well...i hope & pray you find the culprit soon and that your kitty has some releif soon......but it could be something thats not visible to the naked eye, like ragweed or pollen allergies...
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