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so sad

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I know i have been posting alot about my kitten deaths but this is so sad when my cat baby had her kittens she moved them outside and they vet said sont move them. so we didnt. they all were healthy and strong so i said i guess i wont move them. i went to bed feeling like somthing was gonna happin. i got up and a old black cat killed all but one

rip kittens
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I am sorry for your loss. Rest in peace little kittens. You were loved.
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What a terrible way to lose your kittens. i know that tomcats will do that, to destroy the offspring of another male. now you will have to get your precious mama-kitty spayed as soon as possible so she doesn't have another litter. poor mama-kitty- she probably didn't have enough experience to find a sheltered enough place. i'm glad that she has at least one kitten to nurture. Godspeed over RB, other little kitten-angels - you will make some very special children happy in Heaven.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace darling babies.
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What a lot of losses you have experienced. I think the important thing is that you have learned from these losses. And as you stay at TCS, you will continue to learn more about the best way to care for your kitties.

Condolences on the losses. Rest in peace, little kitties. So sad that your life was cut short!
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