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Important health news

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I saw this info on the news the other night and it was scary.

"In May 2002 a coalition of environmental and public health organizations
contracted with a major national laboratory to test 72 name-brand,
off-the-shelf beauty products for the presence of phthalates, a large
family of industrial chemicals linked to permanent birth defects in the
male reproductive system. The laboratory found phthalates in nearly
three-quarters of the products tested (52 of 72 products, Table 1),
including nine of 14 deodorants, all 17 fragrances tested, six of seven
hair gels, four of seven mousses, 14 of 18 hair sprays, and two of nine
hand and body lotions (Table 2), in concentrations ranging from trace
amounts to nearly three percent of the product formulation.

Major loopholes in federal law allow the $20-billion-a-year cosmetics
industry to put unlimited amounts of phthalates into many personal care
products with no required testing, no required monitoring of health
effects, and no required labeling. To our knowledge, the 72 product tests
detailed in this study represent the most comprehensive information
available on the occurrence of phthalates in individual beauty care
products. None of the 52 phthalate-containing products lists the
offending chemical on its ingredient label.

In animal tests some phthalates damage the developing testes of
offspring and cause malformations of the penis and other parts of the
reproductive tract. The same phthalates that cause permanent harm of
the male reproductive system in laboratory studies are also found in hair
spray, deodorant, and fragrances Â:censor: big-name products like Revlon, Calvin
Klein, Christian Dior, and Procter & Gamble. The laboratory found
phthalates in Pantene Pro V "Healthy Hold" and Aqua Net hair sprays,
Arrid and Degree deodorants, and fragrances like Poison by Christian
Dior and Coty's Healing Garden Pure Joy Body Treatment, to name just a
few (Table 2). "

Here is a link to a list of products that include this substance!
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That is really scary!! I looked at the list, and I only use one of the products listed, the Calgon Hawaiian Ginger body spray...I just recently bought it.
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Hmmmmmm........ interesting article! It seems like nothing is good for us anymore, whether it be foods or personal hygiene.
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