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Ad problem?

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The banner type ads at the top of the page are interfering with the Search & Quick Links scroll down boxes for me. The boxes open up under the ad, which makes it impossible to do a search. If I try clicking on the Search box to type, I'm taken to the ad site!

My browser is Mozillia Firefox... does anyone else have this problem?
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I had this problem last week - I just ended up having to close out of the screen and re-open TCS, and it was okay - I didn't have it happen after that tho.
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So far I haven't had this problem....yet.
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I've run into this and been annoyed by it - sorry, Anne, I just don't have the extra cash to join as a premium member right now - I'm spending all my money on the kitties!!!
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I had it happen one day last week , but haven't had it since .
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It's working now!
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It's doing it again this afternoon- not this morning, though .
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No problems so far, but I don't get banner ads at the top of the page. It's only the small Google ads there. I do get banner ads in the middle of the thread on some pages. I also use Firefox.
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I haven't had this happen to me, but I'm using explorer

I'm afraid I can't move those banners around too much, as they only show up in places where we don't have a sponsor's ad (the technical setup is a bit complicated). I will ask about it on the VB boards and see if anyone has a solution.

Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks you for your patience.
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Heard back from the network. They never seen this kind of problem before. Has anyone had this happen again? If so, can you please provide the specs of your browser and OS? Thanks!
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