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Inscisor teeth, too long?

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Spike has always been a hard biter since I rescued him from the shelter and nursed him to health at 3 months. Once he became healthy he really bit me very hard, just about breaking the skin. He has sinced unlearned this behavior and if he starts, a uh-uh-uuhhh, will check him.

the problem is he is nailing his two step brothers with these stong killer bites, till they squeek. No broken skin, but he is too rough.

After a closer look at his teeth and their teeth, I think his are much longer than theirs, which would account for his rougher than usual bite. Is this common, and is there a recourse such as filing, or (gasp) removing them?

I do the uh-uh-uuhhh when he has his brothers cornered, but he doesn't stop till I physically go over to them and say it.Who knows what happens when I am not there. My biggest fear, is they will begin to hate him and we will start to have problems. I think some of this biting is jealousy, not just alpha cat stuff. He dissassociates himself from us. they hang with me whatever room I go to, he is off somewhere by himself. I give them all special love and attention. The new guy butts in a lot, he is younger and more playful.

Sorry for the length and I am not sure if this is health or behavior. I think it is a combination.
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I just Inherited a cat from a family member, Mugs is his name, he is huge, about the size of an adult racoon. I think he may be part something other than cat, I inspected his feet front and back, now I have had cats all my life since I was young, and he has feet like no other cat I have ever seen. Even his tail is odd. Anyway, his teeth, hes got fangs like a saber tooth tiger, they hang out of his mouth almost to the bottom of his chin, and they are curved backwards towards his throat. He play bites with Otis, and if its too hard, Otis lets him know, they learn their limits after a good whack to the head from another kitty with big mits...
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