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Claw chewing.

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Hello! Haven't been around for some time.

I recently noticed that a couple of Henri's front claws are rough and splitting. She has two places for her to scratch (and I'm sure she will use the couch when I'm not around) and I trim her nails as regularly as she will let me.

Today I noticed she is actually CHEWING on them, or trying to. She extends her claws and chews on her own foot. I've checked the pads of her feet and between the toes, and as far as I can tell everything is normal there.

Does anyone know what might be causing her to do this? I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself.
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Cats do normally chew their nails a little bit to shed the loose part. But if the nails look really bad and she's chewing on them a lot, she might have an actual problem with her nails. Sometimes they get infected. It might be a good idea to have her checked by a vet.
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My cat bites her hind claws, sometimes with an audible crunch. She's had absolutely no problems with her feet and I would not consider this a problem at all.
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My kitten also chews a nail or two while grooming.
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