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Thought I would post an update to those who may have been wondering!!
Well I took Aiko into the vet last Tuesday - and they couldn't find a thing wrong with her. She already had her Feleuk tests.. so that was all fine, and she's not due for shots till next year. So all is good. They were a bit concerned that I found blood in her stool, but I haven't really seen any since. They asked me to bring in a sample if it happens again. I think it's only like $10 to have them look at it.. I'm hoping it was just a reaction to all the soft food she was eating. Just in case, they gave me some worm medicine to give her.. (altho she is an indoor cat, the possibilities are still there!!) it was a pill we broke in half i gave her one half after her appt and then the other half in 2 weeks.. Other than being absolutely lonely.. i think she is ok! She is getting more lovin' than she can handle! I am just now able to do up a thank you card to take into my vets.. Couldn't ask for anyone better.. so I'm printing up a little picture of Zeebs to put in with the card. I couldn't do enough to express how happy I was with their care at the Vet College. They are truly the best (IMO)..
thank you everyone!
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I'm sooo sorry to hear about Zeebie..

But I'm happy to hear that Aiko is alright....... I'm sure she's just lonely without her best friend...

Thanks for letting us know about Aiko...
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