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My poor sweet Zeebie..

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I just came from the vet... and this is always the first place I go when I need to talk about the girls!
A short history - a year ago i had zeebs (Zebra) into the vet as she had some pretty bad breath - they came to the conclusion she needed a couple teeth extracted. She seemed fine after that - the first part of last week suddenly she became so thin (we could feel every bone & vertebrae)- we started noticing that she wasn't eating or drinking like she should - I made an appt to go in on Thursday. When we took her in they examined her mouth and took some blood samples. They found a high count of white blood cells - and found a couple ulcers in her mouth. She was down to 2.2kg.. "Well she's not dying" is what they said.. a big sigh of relief from us... We took her home $187.00 later with antibiotics which they expected would fix her up. She totally stopped eating and drinking since then which initially we thought was just because of the stress/trauma of the appt.. i was feeding her water by the syringe. but she was not happy.. so back i took her to the vet today... No improvements and she is now down to 1.942kg.. and barely moving at all.. 10% dehydration..I had hoped in the back of my mind they'd be able to give her a miracle drug that would make everything better. They are now leaning toward kidney failure.. which could in turn cause mouth/teeth problems they say. What a tough decision - to put her down or keep trying to see if we can find a solution. She said that if they find it to be kidney problems- it could lead to a short term life - or a very low quality life. But still not 100% sure it was kidney failure ... She said if it was could be upward to $1000 to fix her. As much as I hate to let money make my decisions - it is a big part of my decision. I love my girl dearly but I know at one time in ones life decisions must be made around money. And i feel like a terrible person for it. She said she could put her on IV & rehydrate her & do a ultrasound to see if they could find out more and then she would give us her advise. I know she seemed totally sincere when she said this and i just got a feeling she wanted to do every thing she could for my baby! She said to do this would cost about $400-500.. I couldn't live not knowing that we didn't do everything we could to help her. So we gave her the go ahead & she is going to try to make her better! I just need everyone to pray for my little baby girl! She is only 3 years old... We love her so much & dont' want to live without her...
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I'm sorry
I'll keep her in my prayers
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i do hope your baby makes a full and quick recovery lots of positive ((((((vibes)))))) being sent and a big hug for you
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I have everything crossed for her.
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Well, We got a call yesterday afternoon - after they did an ultrasound on Zebra.. They were calling to get permission to remove a needle prick of her kidneys so they could do further testing. I guess her ultrasound was very cloudy. She said it could be still minor kidney failure, could be lymphoma (cancer? - which she said would give her maybe 5 more months) or could be a severe bladder infection. She said she was doing well on her IV and starting to come around. She called again later to ask if Zebra may have come in contact with Easter Lillies or Antifreeze, which I doubt would be possible because i really don't like easter lillies and any stuff like antifreeze we make sure is out of reach and stowed away safely. We got to go in and visit her in ICU.. She was all wrapped up with her IV pumping more fluids into her. The vet said we could take her out of the cage but we didn't want to disturb her so we gave her lots of lovins, and she started to purr! It was the greatest sound to my ears. It has been a few days since she has been that content.. I know everyone's prayers and positive vibes will get her through this. I don't want to get my hopes up but I am hoping she will be strong and fight through this. We will do whatever is best for her. I just don't want her to suffer one bit anymore. She said that it is looking a lot like lymphoma, but she said normally kitties that get lymphoma have no fight left in them.. but she said Zeebs is struggling and fighting to get better.. I have so much faith right now I know God is going to do what he can for her.
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Wow - did some research on Easter lilies & antifreeze and it cause irreversible kidney damage! I would have never known that. Not only Easter lilies, but also Tiger Lilies, oriental lilies (i'd say it's safe to say keep lilies out of your home if you own kitties). I never usually have lilies in the house but sometimes they come in bouquets of flowers, but it has been many many months since I got flowers! From what I see the poisoning from lilies affects the cat pretty much immediately.. So I am stil hoping it is nothing to do with that!
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Jaclyn, I'm so sorry about Zeebie. I hope the vet can pinpoint the problem for you, and your baby can start to recover. Thank heaven she's got the will to fight whatever is going on with her. Sending loads of {{{healing vibes}}}
to your sweet girl, and big hugs to you.
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Jaclyn! I am so sorry about Zeebie. I really hope they can find out whats wrong with your girl and make her better. She sounds like such a little character and I'm so glad she is fighting this
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Oh Jaclyn!

I am so sorry that you and Zeebie are going through all this! I hope that the vet will be able to quickly find out what is making her so poorly and get her on the road to recovery soon!

Many healthy and calming }}}VIBES{{{ on their way to you both!
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from everyone at our fluffalorium. Get well soon sweet Zeebie.
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I'm sorry to say that we had to make the hardest decision of our life.
Our poor Zeebie is gone to heaven at the young age of 3. We hadn't heard from the Vet all day yesterday so decided to go down after work to check up. The vet immediately took us into "the room". We knew what was coming. She said Zebra was looking & feeling much better after getting some hydration- but after further testing that day they found that zebra was stricken with infection. They say she probably had this in her bloodstream since she was born, but it never really became obvious until now. She said she had a feeling the ulcers in her mouth were also down her throat in her esophagus.. She said in order to do anything with Zebra they would probably have to wait until she was well enough to eat on her own, which wouldn't be any time soon. She needed full time care and heavy duty antibiotics. She said it could be a series of 6-8wk 2x daily treatments.. or after all this she could be taking them for the rest of her life. She said we could do all this and have her live maybe only short term.. she would never make it to her 'teens' and would always be a sick-skinny kittie. She would probably be constantly running into health problems and we'd be going through this emotional rollercoaster everytime we turn around. We couldn't put Zebra through this.. it just wasn't fair for her, or us.. so We decided to put her to rest. I can't believe she is gone.

Aiko (my other kittie) I think knew before we did.. and will probably miss her little buddy so much.. I miss Zeebs so much.. It has been 22 hrs since i saw her last.. I'm sure she is up in kittie heaven playing and catching mice!
The vet reassured me that she thinks we are making the right decision. We donated her body to the vet college so they can further research & find out what caused this so other kitties will not have to suffer like Zeeb did! They are going to do a paw print in cement for us.. Thank you to Dr. Tallon @ the Vet College in Charlottetown, PEI....by far the best vet ever...
Here is a photo of my beautiful baby for everyone to remember her by with her little wool mouse. (The color is not so good in the photo) i miss her so bad i wish i could reach into my dreams and give her a big hug and kiss.

Thank you everyone for your prayers.. and support.. and everything. I think we made the right decision.. This is so unfair. My poor innocent little baby... :'-(
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Jaclyn, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty and my heart goes out to you.

We had to make a similar decision 3 years ago with our beloved Simba and we still miss him but know he's in a pain-free place now.

Hugs to you.
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:lots of
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it's always so hard when they leave us, especially when it's so sudden & unexpected! to you during this time... & to poor little Aiko as well.
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Oh God, Jaclyn, I'm so very, very sorry. (((Big Hugs))) to you & your family. How sweet that you'll have dear Zeebie's pawprint. It was very courageous of you to donate to the vet college. You'll be in my prayers.
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i am so very sorry to hear this, but I really do think you did the best thing for her, it wouldn't have been a pleasant life for her, so thank you for being such a good mum that you could make this truly heartbreaking decision, it is never easy, but it means they are no longer suffering, and that truly means a lot. Big hugs to you
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I am so sorry to hear about Zeebie
A similar thing happened with my Chuckie 2 weeks ago.
I got his paw print as well.
If you need to talk please send me a PM.
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So sorry to hear that sad news. Play free, sweet Zeebs.
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Thanks everyone for your love, prayers & support.. It's nice (so nice) to see people actually care & understand and not hear the line "it's only a pet get over it".. your pets are like your children, and they are so short term.. which is so unfortunate but you can't keep them forever. It has been a tough couple weeks, and even reading this post is hard! The vet gave us a little paw print in cement, and gave us a sympathy card signed by all the vets that worked on her. It was so nice to see that the vets really care. Last nite we got home & There was a message on the phone from Dr. Tallon. The results of the autopsy are in.. I called her but she's in surgery so I'm waiting to hear back. Makes me miss her more & more.. as much as i would just love to put it to rest and forget about it forever, she was just like my child.. and we miss her so!!!!
However............ if it doesn't rain - it pours... as luck would have it...
Aiko hasn't really been herself lately. Meowing a lot (she is very vocal usually but moreso lately). I wish I could speak Kittie!! i have been spoiling her a lot lately with soft food. There was a bit left in the fridge from when zeebie was sick so i had been spoiling her with soft food moreso cuz it was there and i didn't want to see it go to waste. I think all the 'talk' is soft food related! she just wants more & more! Anyway - this morning I noticed blood in her stool.. which i think is a first --we have one of those auto kittie litter boxes so i don't really see the poops but did this morning. When i called for Dr. Tallon i also made an appt for next Tuesday at 2pm to take Aiko in.. which i had planned all along anyway.. I was hoping to take in a fresh stool sample, but since my appt is not until 2pm.. 'fresh' probably isn't an option... I will have to keep an eye out on the stool until then. I've heard it can be parasite related - but i'm hoping it's just stress.. from missing her little buddy, Zebra.. Not that i wish stress on her.. i just can't take having another sick kittie

Anyhoo.. wish us luck.. i'm sure she'll be fine!!!
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I have tears in my eyes from reading about your Zeebie - may she play happily ever after over Rainbow Bridge! I think what your vet did with the paw print is VERY sweet. Hugs to you, you made the best decision for your furbaby, even though it hurts to say goodbye.

I'm sending vibes out for Aiko - feel better very soon, kitty!!! Your Meowmy needs you!
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Originally Posted by Aiko View Post
I was hoping to take in a fresh stool sample, but since my appt is not until 2pm.. 'fresh' probably isn't an option... I will have to keep an eye out on the stool until then. I've heard it can be parasite related - but i'm hoping it's just stress.. from missing her little buddy, Zebra.. Not that i wish stress on her.. i just can't take having another sick kittie

Anyhoo.. wish us luck.. i'm sure she'll be fine!!!
wishing you luck, but also a suggestion - when she poops, get it out & put it in a baggie, then in the fridge. that way, it'll be pretty fresh for the vet!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Zebra. It's so hard to let them go, but sometimes you just have to.
Please keep us updated about Aiko! HOpefully he'll be feeling better soon.
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Jaclyn, it's only been a couple of weeks; give yourself time. You need to grieve just as much as it takes for you to come to terms with losing Zeebie. I still grieve over the girl I lost 10 months ago; don't push yourself.
I so hope Aiko is ok. Sending loads of (((healing vibes))) to your baby, and good thoughts to you.
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I just talked to Dr. Tallon... She had the results from the autopsy of zeebs.. We did the right thing.. She was saying they didn't find a definitive cause For Zebra's illness .. But they knew they could have never given her quality of life knowing what they found. They saw that Zeebs kidneys were irrepairable, and were at the point of not functioning anymore.. she named off a big name which I could not even be able to spell, let alone pronounce.
They had listed a bunch of things that it very well could have been but there was no way to really say what was the root cause. Feline leukemia tests came back negative, but sometimes it doesn't show in the blood but hides in the bone marrow. Cancer was also mentioned.. They found calcium deposits all throughout her, in her heart, stomach, GI Tract, spleen, etc.. They said they found a rare disorder leuromic (p)neumonitis or something to that effect.. Said it was likely something she had since birth but was just getting to the point where she wouldn't have made it much longer, as her lungs would have eventually failed & she would have stopped breathing. So we are very lucky that we brought her in before she was suffering too much.
I had asked if it was something that I should be concerned with Aiko getting.. And she said if she hadnt ever been tested for Feline leukemia that we should have that done. I am pretty sure she has had the tests but when I take her in (I have an appt at 2pm on Tuesday the 19th) I will confirm. I mentioned to her that I had found some blood in Aiko's stool this morning and she said that cats (and other animals) sense things and are highly underestimated. She said that Aiko probably knew that Zebra was very sick (I had said to jeff that aiko probably knew all along) and could be looking for her. She said the blood could be stress collitis.. She said she might not necessarily be stressed that Zebra is not there, but she can probably sense that we are stressed about it.. And that probably bothers her a lot too. Would explain why she is so affectionate and talkative..
Anyhow that puts my mind at ease and I'm very glad that we know at least that we made the right decision.. Although one of the hardest decisions a person can make! Although - I won't be settled til I know Aiko is ok too!

She said that one time she had a client who had 2 dogs, one dog very sick.. And he was in at the vet clinic for some overnite stays.. The other dog at home was frantic looking all over the place for his buddy.. The client was concerned with this so Dr. Tallon had asked the client to take their other dog in, the dog saw the other dog, took 2 sniffs and walked away.. As if he knew that the other dog was so sick he knew that he wasn't going to come back home.. And after that dog went home - he never looked for the other dog again…

I thanked Dr. Tallon soooo much for everything. She comes highly recommended in my books! I told her how much it meant to us, having the card, and the little paw print in cement. I have never seen so much care & empathy at a vet before.. It's so nice to see that your pet is not "just a pet" to them.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
wishing you luck, but also a suggestion - when she poops, get it out & put it in a baggie, then in the fridge. that way, it'll be pretty fresh for the vet!
Just curious - if anyone else has heard this - but I thought you weren't suppose to store stool samples in the fridge - because it will kill any signs of parasites in the sample? If that would work, i would definitely do that. Maybe the next one won't have blood in it. i'm hoping it's stress collitis like she said..
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That is so sad. YOu did everything possible, and made the right decision for her, knowing what the prognosis was.
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Oh Jaclyn

My heart goes out to you Such a difficult time, but Zeebie is in a happy and healthy place now!

She will forever live on in your heart

Many healthy }}}VIBES{{{ coming to Aiko and to you!
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Jaclyn, I hope you can find some semblance of peace now, knowing that there wasn't anything you could have done for dear Zeebie. It's always so hard when we don't know just what the problem was, and end up second guessing our decision. I'm glad you've found such a wonderful vet; that always makes things easier.
Got my fingers crossed that Aiko's appt. goes well. Hang in there.
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I m so sorry

Its really hard when you loose a cat. At least though you know you did the right thing, and have an idea what happened. I have lost 2 kitties in the last 5 years to mysterious deaths and my vet said he would charge us 200 dollars for an autopsy so we never had one. I know how hard it is....but just know she is in a better place now and much more comfortable. -hugs-
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Aw I'm so sorry about poor Zeebie. I just found this thread. I hope to hear Aiko is ok, though. I lost a kitten to FIP about a year ago, and I know how it is to wait through rounds of testing the other cats in the house.
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