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cat diorreha

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Hi, i just got 2 new cats 3 dyas ago, they are 12 weeks old. One is fine , however the other (which is the smaller cat) has developed diorreha. He has had this now for 2 days this being the second day. He can control it this morning and get tot the litter tray in time but its still not formed. What should I do?? As vets not open today. Is there anything I can give him to make him better??


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it sounds like hes already starting to get better but to help him along try and get him to eat a teaspoonful of pumpkin. it can be canned but needs to be plain pure pumpkin with no spices added. you can add it to some wet food if he wont eat it. you could also try yogurt. if its not better tomorrow call a vet. are you feeding them the same thing they were eating before you acquired them? if not it could be a reaction to sudden change in diet.

edited: since they are kittens it could also be worms. you might want to take them both to the vet tomorrow for deworming treatment.
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