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Good morning

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Good Morning everyone. How's your day going? I slept pretty good it rained last night. Tavia is up trying to find a mouse today. And loving on her dogs. And we just found out that my brother in law will be coming home in a month from Iraq. And part of Ft. Campbell has already come home. He's a E7 so I guess he has to come at the tail end of it after everything is back. But my niece will have her daddy home. And my sister will be happy again. And I am glad for that. Well you all have a lovely day.
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Good morning everyone!!

Glad to hear that your BIL is going to be coming home!!, you must be so excited

Well my Monday started pretty early. We have been keeping Sydney in the spare bedroom at night because we can't trust her and Reilly alone yet (Reilly gets too excited and rough when he plays). She was crying to be let out though at 6am so I caved in and got up to watch them.

Anyways, only 5 days left until Jeff and I get married! I'm starting to get pretty excited...can't really believe that day is almost here!

Have a great Monday everyone!!
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Good afternoon

It's 2.10pm here in the UK, it's a Bank holiday Monday, so most folk are off work. We went out yesterday down the North Wales coast to Llandudno, but today we're just chilling out. I'm working at 11pm, so didn't fancy doing too much.

Good luck on your wedding Miss Mew, just take everything in, as it'll all become a blur afterwards, and loads of photos.
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Well good morning! Congrats on the return of your BIL and Congrats on the upcomming wedding! Well today is day two of me being home alone for the first time in 12 years with no kids. I don't know if I will ever come to the point where I will relax. I cried again after they left for school. Pathetic I know. Even our furbabies are wondering around room to room looking lost! I guess it is time to pull out a good book and learn to enjoy the quiet for awhile. Oh guess what my middle daughter is trying out for her schools cheerleading team today! I hope she makes it. My oldest was the captain at that school 2 years ago. She is now on the team at her middle school. So please send some good vibes for the tryouts! I hope everyone has a good day today!
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