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Would you go on holiday to a county under terrorist attack???

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Because im meant to be

Im scared!

Ok, ive booked a holiday in Turkey...Antalya for october.

Ive just heard about the bombings and now Turkey is on a "High Terrorist threat" watch.

I know i could go and probably would be quite alright, but would you risk it or not?
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I wouldn't risk it. I would try to go somewhere else. But that is just me.
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See thats how i feel, i know i could go and have a great time and be fine, and i know i could cancel and regret it because nothing would happen....but the way i feel now, id rather risk cancelling and losing my money than going and possibly getting bombed.
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Well if you're all about extremes, go for it!

Although its hard to tell in this day and age, everyone is under terrorist alert. Is the part of the country you're going to a tourist spot? Contact the tourist board and see what they recommend. They may even have something on their web site regarding this for tourists.
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Yeah it is a tourist spot, its just next to another tourist spot that got bombed.

Think i will look on the internet for some info!
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I started to say no, but as said earlier, what country hasn't been the target of terrorists?

Hope you have a good time. And don't forget pics!
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I wouldnt worry about it, anywhere in europe is a terrorist target, have you heard on the news how they are trying to bomb the trains in germany unsuccessfully?
They arent going to attack the very famous touristy spots because they arent trying to terrorise all sorts of people.

I would go to turkey, if i had the money
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I know alot of people would still go. But really...if the area you are going to got bombed and the whole place was under threat...would you really still go?
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I wouldn't go if I were you. It sounds a little resky to me! Your endangering your life!!
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Thank you! Thats how i feel.

Hmm....ive half convinced my friend.
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I wouldn't go, but that's just me. I love adventure...but not that much!
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No I would not. I'm not a risk taker though.
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I agree with the others - if you are a risk taker, or like adventure, go for it! But if it were up to me, I would plan a trip for somewhere else... good luck!
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I was living in Belfast N.Ireland durring the last big row that happened a few years ago. There were bombings and martching in the streets. It was quite scary but I was not hurt.
Now if I hadn't been living in Belfast at the time would I go visit. Probably not, why put yourself in Danger if it is not compleetly necessary.
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No I wouldnt but I wont fly anywhere either. It scares the crap out of me. I'd rather take a bus.
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Well i take back what i said,
While waiting for my train today, here in frankfurt at the main stations we have these huge screens with the news on it, and it just stated that there was a bombing and 4 people are dead... Hmm
why not go to mallorca? thats heaps of fun, the food is delicious, and the country side is lovely too!
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I wouldn't go, but that's just me.

I have a friend who has been going back and forth about taking a trip to Syria in the next few weeks for the same reasons. I think she has finally decided not to go. I told her that I would call the American Embassy in that country and get their opinion. Maybe you could try that.
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My parents got back from Turkey yesterday and they were staying right between the 2 major bombimg sites. I'm glad they came home before this happenned! I'm not sure if they'd go if their holiday started tomorrow though
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Thanks all, ive pretty much made my mind up, im not going. I just hope i get some of my money back!!

My friend still wants to go and is annoyed with me that i wont, but i just dont care. Im actually suprised she wants to go, she has 2 young children to think about. Why put yourself in danger?

I just heard about the 2nd bombings where 3 - 4 people died.
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