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Best wet food for kittens

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I free feed my kitten (3 1/2 months) dry food (at the moment Iams which is not the best I know, I am going to get some Science Plan or James Wellbeloved from the vets tomorrow!)

I have started to give him one meal a day of kitten wet food pouches which he MUCH prefers to the dry, but even though he loves eating it, I am not happy with the quality or appearance of the brands I have tried so far - they don't look or smell like proper meat/fish, and I worry about additives and fillers.

So a few questions:

Is it ok to feed a mixture of wet and dry food to a kitten this age?

What brands of kitten wet food should I look for in terms of quality? (I am in the UK)

Is it alright to start feeding a kitten raw food in addition to his dry, or will he be missing out on some vital nutrients if I don't stick to stuff specially formulated for a growing cat?

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You could try natures menu kitten pouches - 70% meat and no artificial additives. You can get them from pets at home and tescos. Hi life have recently brought out kitten/junior pouches which you can also get from pets at home and tescos (not seen them in other supermarkets yet but I'm sure they'll get them in eventually). Hi life also do a kitten variety in a can (fish). Hills do a wet kitten food too. It's fine to feed a mixture of wet and dry to kititens - my kitten is fed a mix of James Wellbeloved dry and the above wet foods. I also buy some other varieties of wet, including nutro, from zooplus website as they have more variety.
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That's great, thanks for that!

I don't always go to the same supermarket, but it did strike me that Tesco had a much better variety of cat food including a selection of 'premium-range' type products, compared to some of the other supermarkets. I think I got him some Hi-Life fish in a tin from there, which he loved.

We're on the emergency rations of wiskas today because I forgot it was a bank holiday and didn't go shopping early enough Fortunately this kitty is not a fussy eater at all - he even begs for grapefruit when we have it for breakfast! (not that he would do anything as undignified as begging, it's more like clambering up and trying to snatch it from us )
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here is a link to wet and dry foods for kittens and cats

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