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Wednesday's DT

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How is everyone's day going so far? I didn't sleep much last night so will probably be ready for a nap after lunch.

Guess there isn't anything interesting going on in my neck of the woods.

It is going to be super hot here!!!!!!!
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I didnt sleep too good either ....... I'm getting used to sleeping at night, which never bothered me! LOL! I just sometimes get scared when I hear noises & such.

In about 30 minutes, Gizmo goes to the vet!

I was suppsed to have a job interview, but after deciding, I called & cancelled the interview. It wasnt paying too well & it was about a 45-minute drive from my house..... If it were paying well, then yes, I probably would have gone.
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Is something wrong with Gizmo or just regular shots, etc.?
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I'm not surprised, that you can't sleep, Deb. I had trouble sleeping, the last few weeks, too. Between Braxton-Hicks contractions and having to pee, every half hour, it was tough to sleep.

I'm off, today and being lazy. What the heck: the house is clean, the pets are fed and Bill is grilling dinner, tonight.

Happy hump day!
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I slept ok last night. Until hubby woke me up breathing like Darth Vader. He's had a cold for a week and thinks he's dying. It wasn't that bad except that he had his head right by my pillow, so I couldn't escape the breathing.

Today is my birthday, but I'm not doing anything for it. Birthdays in the middle of the week just suck. I think it should be added to the mandatory holidays, you have to take your birthday off from work!

I'm actually in a pretty good mood today. Guess birthdays are not too bad after all!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Just his 1 year checkup plus his shot(s). He's also got itch ears, so we will have them checked out, too! I'll let you know what he weighs!:tounge2:
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Speaking of how much he sister-in-law took her cat Buddy to the vet, and he weighed in at a whopping 17 pounds!!!!
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Well, not much happening here! I am actually feeling bored at work today as the queue I am on is slow rright now so I have plenty of time to visit the cat site and play with smilies!

I was lucky and got a ride into work today so I got to sleep an extra 1/2 hour. I much prefer getting a ride then taking the bus, but I have to bus home today.

It is going to be really hot here today 36 C or 97 F. With humidity it will 46 or 115. Urgh! We are in a heat emergency. It is making it very difficult to breathe with my asthma! I am going to stick to air conditioned places until I have to take the bus home!

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Heidi, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one.

My problem is the opposite of everyone. I am falling asleep everywhere. It's driving me bananas. I'm being tested for anemia but have not heard back yet. I am also taking this "Alert tonic" my doctor has prescribed which has done nothing for me. It's scary at times because I am afraid of completely nodding off while driving. Hasn't happened and I guess if they were worried, I wouldn't have my licence but I can feel myself wanting to nod off and have to open windows, turn up the volume etc....I look like a 35 yr old trying to act 17! It would be funny if it wasn't driving me crazy. I also nod off at my desk. Oh well....enough complaining. I can't seem to find a solution right now anyways. I fall asleep as soon as I turn off the light and wake up the next morning. I don't even think I move in bed. This is really strange because I've spent my whole life tossing and turning for at least 1/2 hour before succeeding in falling asleep.

No big plans for me today either......other than trying to stay awake!!!!!!

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Gizmo went to the vet: he weighs 12 lbs I thought he weighed more than that, but 12 is a lot still. He got the shot that prevents upper respiratory infections; I chose not to get the FELV vaccination. They checked his ear, but no infections, just debris, so they gave me a cleansing solution to put in his ear every other week. It cost me $67!
I never knew their toes and paws could sweat, either! Poor Gizmo was so nervouse, that his toes and paws got damp! He hissed at the vet the second time she came back with a tech to give him his shot..... I thought that was kind of funny.....
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have you been tested for narcolepsy? That problem where you fall asleep no matter what you are doing? I have a friend that has that and she is currently on medication for it. Just a thought.
Tigger, only 12 pounds? Geez catching up to Twig! LOL! By the time he reaches 3 he will probably be twice Twigs weight! LOL!
What was the stuff they gave you for the itchy ears? Twig has something similar to that but he has the shaking of the head and the itchy spine thing that looks like something is giving him the chills down his spine. I talked to the vet abou tit before and she said it wasn't anythingto be concerned about. Some cats just have that problem, but I think she is wrong now since it is back(he stopped doing it much when he turned 1 but now he is 3 and it's back) and he is doing is all the time when he gets up after a nap or if he is excited. I think when he goes in for his yearly checkup in Sept I will talk to her again and see what she says now.
Not doing to much today, I have the day off and I cleaned the house, but I have some laundry I can do so that'll be done. It's pretty hot here so I think I'l be staying inside...Lately I have been gong with my fiancee and watching while he plays disc golf so maybe when he gets off we will go and do that...who knows??
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It's called OtiRinse. You can only get it from the vet, but there are similar products at PetsMart or Petco. BTW, I got a toadstool leather 2 weeks ago! It's a frag, but so far, so good. Those shrooms are doing well, too..... Once they get big enough, we can trade if your s/o still wants to!
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My patches does the same thing at the vet, the sweaty paws, and the inside of her ears get bright pink. She also runs a "nervous fever," at least that's what the vet calls it.

Nothing out of the ordinary today.

G - I have a friend who was diagnosed with anemia in college and all she did was sleep. There were times she was so weak and tired she couldn't get out of bed.
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Barb; Sabra,

I guess my first step is to wait for my bloodwork results. Next, my doctor wants to send me to a sleep clinic (makes no sense to me bacuase my problem is not: sleeping. I can really sleep. It's staying awake. But, I guess he knows what he's doing. Not sure how, if it is anemia, it can be treated. I'm thinking medication.
I have never heard of Narcolepsy, I'll check it out.
Thanks for the concern.

Came back from the Herbal store. They gave me soemthing to boost my metabolism and give me energy. I shall see what happens!

I'll let you know if I'm bouncing off the walls in a little while! LOL
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Usually taking iron pills helps with anemia -- you just have to be careful because they can be toxic if you take too much. Did they test you for mono?
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Whisker's Mom: the July 15 issue of Newsweek had a cover story about sleep disorders. Its, mostly, about NOT being able to sleep but, it did cover narcolepsy and catalepsy, too. You might want to check it out.
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It is a busy time of year for us. We have a big show this weekend, we must have over 200 pocketknives to sell. We are hoping for a big turnout. My truck was making a funny noise, so Mike and a friend crawled under the hood and started dismantling some engine parts. Of all things, they found a big old rat's nest underneath the block and the intake manifold! Made out of insulation and cat hair! :laughing:
They knocked it out of the way and now my truck sounds a lot better. I just wonder what happened to the poor rat?


it sure sounds like Narcolepsy to me. My friend's mom has this and she suffers from the exact same symptoms you are talking about. I hope they find an answer for you soon.
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My day went to h*ll in a hand basket...

Alarm goes off at five, I promptly wake up at 7:15 (mind you I have to be at work at 7:00, UGH....
And of coursewith Sandie and the wee one being gone, nothinggot done to the house before I left, which I might add, I had to leave without... a cup of freshly brewed coffee.... So I am a bit behind.
I still have to get the show bag ready for this weekend (Im showing Mr. Mischief for the first time ACK so many things to do..

My lifer just falls apart when the better half is gone...
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Tigger,...never even thought about Mono. I had it once when i was about 20. That is a possibility.

I went to check the July 15 Newsweek report. COuld only locate it in the archives and they would not let me view the whole report without paying for a subscription to the archives. I'm going to try to do some research on Narcolepsy and catalepsy because this is new to me.

Thank you everyone for your suggestion.

I heard about the danger of iron pills. I guess this may be suggested once the blood work comes in, if it is positive for anemia. more example how the "better half" is more or less the "appreciated" half!
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Tigger thanks for the info. I will check it out, and s/o would love to trade with you stillif you want to...
Whisker's mom,
I sure hope they find out what is going on with you. the sleep clinic is probably to see if you have narcolepsy. I'm not really sure why else they'd want you to go to that.
Well no disc golf for me today. Just lounging around and watching tv. Oh yeah and coloring my hair. those darn roots(and grays) are showing again and so I decided to "fix" the problem...LOL!
So in about 15 minutes, I should be better then I was when I started the coloring process! LOL!!!How do they say it?? oh yeah,gonna wash that gray right outta my hair
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I'd like to trade when I get my lights Does he care if the mushrooms are tiny or would he want to wait til the got a little bigger? I successfully shipped my snails on Monday! They got to Florida alive the next morning.
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Ghys....I hope they find out what is causing your problems! I also had a friend who had Narcolepsy...she would fall asleep sometimes when we were talking, or while doing anything at all....just all the sudden, she'd be asleep. it was weird. She takes medication for it now. Hopefully it won't be anything serious, and you can get back to your old self again soon!!! I wish I could trade you for just a bit, I can't sleep at all!!!
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