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Go, the youngest of the rescued kittens

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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Go, the youngest of the rescued kittens

Such a precious shot, Yayi.
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Aww, and these pics are just too cute!! Thanks for the smiles!! =D
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All these pictures are so wonderful! They truely make me smile and giggle! I would like to mention to WinterHawk that Maia loves her teddy to, just like Shaylee...................

It has been a difficult year and I am blessed with Maia as my best friend...Everyones pictures are so great and I was right in saying "the little things that cheer us up!", please keep them coming! Love Cheyenne and Maia
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These pictures are soo cute
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Well, she is little, but I have to say that what makes me smile about Ophelia isn't so little...

She's gone from a scared little feral kitten to a true spoiled princess. Every time I see her progress, it makes me smile.

Here's the first pic of her.

In her bed:
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I love this thread, so I thought I would bring it back with a new pic of Maia I found!

I know there's a lot of new "Little things that make you smile" additions out there!
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one of my new favorites of Louie D-Boy....he just needs to cuddle so much, that he'll snuggle his own tootsie's if he has to!

this one should be in a calendar....

my new favorite LuckyGirl pic...this pic really shows off her new diva-self.....

an old favorite of LuckyGirl....a peek into the semi-feral girl we found on vacation....we only had her for a month here....she was standing on the top of my wine cabinet....she'd just jump right up into it, as if she was meant to do just that! (and then gives me this look, like "what?! whatcha lookin' at?!"

they always make me matter how crappy the day, just watching them makes my flutter! They are my life....and they make me SO Happy....I thank God for them everyday, they are a blessing, and I am honored to be able to share my life & my love with them, they deserve it!

I you LuckyGirl!!! I you too Louie D-Boy!!! you are both my little gifts from God!!!
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I have been aww-ing thru this whole thread!

My contributions of my lovebugs:

Davidson's 1st day home, Harley came to say Hi to his baby brother

Of course this one aLwAyS makes me smile!
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everytime i look at these pics they make me smile, my babies look so cute

This is Peachy with her babies lill Miss Toots and Mr Shady


Toots and Shady looking soooo sweet

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baby stewie

Crabby mikey!

Stewie barely able to walk...

all things smile worthy!
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So Adorable, My cats always put me in a better mood, when i'm at my worst.

Heres a few photos that put smiles on my face.

Spynx, getting him self into everything, literally.

Before Tigger(the one on the bottom) went missing, these two sisters were inseperable, This would be their bunkbeds.

This is Spynx's favorite sleeping position, whether, he's in the middle of the floor, in my bag, or possibly in a laundry basket.

I had to put this photo, the way he licked his nose, just as the photo was taken, was too cute.
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Heres some of the pictures of Dante that make me smile everytime:

(this makes me smile because everytime I'm on the computer he insists on sleeping on my mouse pad.
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My former foster kitten Kenzie posing in a Victorias Secret bag I LOVE this picture!!!!

I Love this picture with Fosters watching over the five boys

My former foster kitty Harley preforming his favorite musical selection from "Cats"

Jasmine grooming her baby Isabella
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