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Tub Toilet!

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My 3 year old de-sexed female (Bagpuss) has recently started peeing in the bath tub, I make sure her litter is always clean.

It is odd because I rescued her when she was 5 weeks old from a plastic bag in a dumpster, and ever since then she has been so good with the litter with very few accidents.

It seems that this week she has been using the tub more than the litter because she does use the litter but pees just the one time in the tub. Yesterday she actually pooped in the tub.

My partner gets a bit cross, as I guess I should. But my reason for not getting to angry is it is a few reasons...
1) I love my puddy cats so much that I hate shouting or getting angry this them.
2) the tub is very easily cleaned out with the shower and hot water and a little splash of bleach.

People tell me to keep water in the tub. But I would rather she pees in the bath than on the floor. But ideally I would love her to go back to using her litter box.

Help any clues as to why she may be doing this and how to stop her?

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Any major changes in the household lately? Cats are routine animals, and anything as small as company or even an hour shift in their mealtime is disturbing. Their way of showing frustration may be manifested as not using the litter box. She may also have a medical problem. If she has a urinary tract infection, she may not use the litter box. Some cats also prefer different kinds of litter. Try an unscented litter and an extra litter box in the bathroom. And, as always, see your vet for a urinalysis to rule out any infections or other conditions.
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kittykratz had some great advice there. I would first do the vet check. Most of the times forum members had a problem with a cat that urinates outside the litter box, it turned out to be a medical problem.
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I made an appointment she is going to the vet this week. Thanks for the advice.
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Bagpuss went to the vet today - they said that medically there is nothing wrong with her. They suspect that she has some physiological problems. They suggested that I put a litter tray in the tub and gradually take it back to where her current litter tray is. If they problem persists then I am to maybe make an appointment with a pet physiologist. But he thinks that she will get better on her own.

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I hope it works!! Keep us posted.
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