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its been 1 year

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Oliver was a black and white cat. i loved him verry verry much. i got him after purra passed away. he took away some of the pain but i just had and empty spot so i got smoky an flame point himalayan. well i had to go on a trip and i could not take them so i left them with my grand ma. ( bad choice) she did not know how to take care of cats so she let them out and they got ran over so i got back and she broke the news to me and i forgave her i just wish i had not let her keep them.
i just hope they knew how much i loved them
r.i.p oliver and smokey

go and play over the rainbow bridge
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Im very sorry for your loss. I am sure they know how much you love them. RIP Oliver and Smokey.
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Such tragic losses - how difficult it must be to know that someone you love so dearly has failed you so miserably but she simply didn't know better, I guess. Guess she needed a class on CatCare 101. What a terrible way for her to find out about the need to keep cats contained, esp. if there are roads nearby.
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This tragic loss must have been so painful. On the anniversary of their passing, we honor Oliver and Smokey's beautiful lives with you.
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RIP babies.
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I'm sorry for your loss and sadness.

Rest in peace Oliver and Smokey - play happily at the bridge.
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Oliver and Smokey, have fun at the bridge you cherubs

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