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Dh and I were out on the porch just now smoking. When we stood up to come inside Jake followed us. Just as he came around the corner I heard a rapid rattling... I stopped and looked around the corner of the house. I knew what the sound was as soon as I heard it. I looked over by the fence and sure enough! There was an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake slithering through the fence to the yard next door..
They are in the midst of building a new house nextdoor and the grass is really high (up to my waist) and I bet thats where it's nesting! I am going to talk to the owner the next time I see her and tell them they need to mow it because I have a dog and 2 kids that play outside all the time.... Just a bit nerve racking know it's there! Here's what he looked like....
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OMG Id be screaming
I just hate snakes!
were in a big city and i was surprised to see racoons!!
we had to call someone
had a lot!
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EWWWW! I don't mind non-posinous snakes....but the poisionus ones freak me out.
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Please call the wildlife folks in your area... That snake and its possible family need to be relocated ... If memory serves Easterns can be aggresive ....
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My GOD id be petrified!!! Im so pleased we dont get many snakes in England!!
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Oh, talking about snakes! The other week, I was online and my husband was playing video games, I saw Scuffy entered the kitchen and carrying something, I thought it was a a rope or something. It wasn't clear to me what was he carrying in his mouth and I started screaming. My husband got the garter snake from his mouth, it was pretty big like 15" long.
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Heard it again tonight. We got a flashlight and looked around but didn't see anything... Not this has me worried. I wonder what I can do about it. I know this is thier native land and they were here before us but it's become a real concern now. We heard it twice tonight but again, didn't see it anywhere. DH says he thinks it could be some kind of insect and it was a coincidence that I seen a snake at the same time... Does anyone know of any insects that make a rattling noise like a rattlesnake? I'm scared to go outside know and I'm NOT going to try to take this thing on by myself...No way!
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EWWWWWWW i don't blame you! a buzzing insect does not sound like a rattlesnake! He was probably just trying to keep you from worrying but i wouldn't buy it- lol i'd have some ppl come out and relocate that sucker!
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I don't mind non poisonous snakes either, There was a black rat snake out here in the back yard a few days ago that I picked up and freaked out my FIL. But the poisonous ones.....can just ewww
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