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cat with environmental allergies

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Hello, my indoor cat has been getting old and a while ago he started chewing the fur out of the side of his body and he eventually developed a scar and as it went on he started chewing the hair out of his belly and behind his legs and hes starting to chew the front of his legs now, and we've been giving him steroid shots lately... probably too often because we've been doing it practically monthly... the last time he got a shot it wasnt very long before he started chewing again so I dont really think that is helping him that much and is probably hurting more...

The vet said that he probably has an environmental allergy because of the location of where he is chewing. My family at the time can't afford to do the tests to see what he is allergic to... and I am just wondering if anyone has any tips as to how I can get rid of environmental allergies in my house... or if there is anything besides the steroids that I can give him to relieve the allergies...?

We have some sort of mold in our basement that we think might be the cause of it and we've been trying to kill it. I also heard that certain carpet cleaners and febreeze were also found to be common for cats with allergies...

Would any sort of air purifier machine help with this... or does anyone have any other ideas?
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Yes, an air purifier will help if this is the problem. It would have to be an air purifier, not ionizer or combo humidity treatment and sooted to the size of area you are treating. Not only will it help your kitty, you will most likely notice a difference yourself. A humidifier is always good in the winter if you have dry heat. Dry heat causes many skin irritations for animals. You can get a humidistat and an air/ mold test for cheap at your local hardware store. If he is really chewing away at his skin, there must be dry itchy patches, fish oil supplement added to his diet may help as well.
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I use two BlueAir purifiers, one in the *very dusty* studio and one in the bedroom.
I also have a humidifier for the drier winter months. Gizmo appreciates it and so do I.
I use a Miele HEPA vacuum (no beaters since I have no carpets)
and Gizmo most importantly was put on an 'allergen diet' eliminating chicken, rice, wheat, corn, and other potential allergens. The vet recommended rabbit and she loves it.
I feed her Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner but there are several other brands of canned rabbit out there; but Gizzy only eats 'dry'.
Your vet may recommend the Royal Canin Rabbit and Pea but I found it to be 'pea and rabbit' and since Gizmo also has a heart condition, the more natural product seems to have done her more good.

If you get your cat off his regular food and take precautions in the house particularly in colder months when windows are closed, he should get better. Avoid beef and venison since these can all cause allergic reactions.

I hope that this helps you and your cat.
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could be allergic to fish oils too so I'd consult with your vet first regarding any additives to his food, thats what my vet said...I am struggling with this as well, I have changed his llitter to 99% dust free, and that alone makes a hudge gigantic difference, no more treats neither and stress can also be a trigger for these episodes, your kitty cat may also be having seizures so I'd reconsider taking kitty back to the vet theres blood tests as well that might be needed as it could also be an underlying health problem....
FHS (feline hyperestesia syndrom) is what my little Bubbles has just been diagnosed with, last of all it could be a behavioural problem but its very impportant that you rule out (by elimination by doing tests and getting him on hypoallergetic foods only) all potential health probs before deciding that its allergies or behavioural probs....theres another post here in the health section i suggest you go & read it...the thread is called "anyone else have a cat with Feline hyperestesia syndrome". I found the post and replies with it to be very informative and helpful for me & Bubs.....
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the vet doesnt seem to think its a food allergy... Wouldn't I know if he were having seizures? Ive never seen him have anything like a seizure before... just the chewing on his legs and he develops things on his side.

So I dont think it is a problem with food or dry skin... im not very sure.
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