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Slow page loading

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I am having some real slow page loading is it just me ? It just stops then a few seconds it will come up or I have to reload it.
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Hummmmmmm, no, not having that problem at the moment....
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nope. No problems here. Sorry. Maybe it's your puter?
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YES!!!! I'm about to throw my puter out the window
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Are you on dialup, dsl or cable? Not that I know anything about the internet hookups but I DO know that the dialups are SLOOOOOOWWWWW. I have dsl and it is going top speed. I love it!
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I better not have to kill mine it's almost new
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I bought mine about a year's a Dell and I LOVE it!!!!
I am however out in the boonies and can't get DSL.So, I have to deal with slower than slug snot dial up.
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Yes. I am. I have been though. For a couple days. It's terribly annoying.
I have Cable. My computer hasn't changed at all.
I'm glad someone mentioned it. Because I was about to.
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Mine is slower too, and just on here so I think its TCS, according to my browser this page took 9.31 seconds to load with my internet speed that is slow, I can load a fur pics thread quicker than that usually
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Yes, it's been happening to me a lot lately. It is a bit frustrating, sometimes I give up waiting.
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It's happening here too. I have cable as well....
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Mine's been the same. It's usually when I post - the next page just stops, and I reload the page and it's fine.
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Yes, mine has been slower too- and only on TCS. Other sites seem to load at normal speed. I have cable. I hate to say it but it seems to have started when the additional ads were inserted on the forum pages. I watch the status bar on Firefox to see what is loading and it seems to get hung up on the ads. I'm glad to find out that others are having the same problem.
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I have DSL, and mine's working (and been working) like it does any day. Wonder what's wrong?
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I have cable and I also have been having the slow loading page. usually I have to refresh.Its mainly when I first log on then its ok.. Been like this for a few days.
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I have dsl also and it's not right for some reason, kinda stops before it's loading the page sometimes I have to reload...I don't know
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It's not just you guys. Bear with us, ok?
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra View Post
It's not just you guys. Bear with us, ok?
OK- thank you! Im hanging in there.
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It's happening here too. I have cable as well....
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Me too, me too!!!! I get "Done, but with errors on page" and then it loads up.... I'm on broadband = cable I think!
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