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I am BEYOND aggrivated now!!! We are FLEA INFESTED BIG TIME!!!
DH had his surgury on Thursday, so I took the cats to the Vets on Wed. I got them bathed,Frontlined,wormed and took them to my MIL's for a few days.
I have put off 3 foggers............I have a 28X58 foot double wide.............so that should be enough to kill the darn things.WRONG!!!! I have sprinkled carpet flea killer all over,I have sprayed the house with bug spray and then with flea spray,I have put 3 flea collars in my vacuum bag and changed it after thouroughly vacumming the floors.I have mopped,dusted and we STILL have fleas!!!!

Does anyone else know anything else to do other than call in a professional to get rid of these darn things?
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How often are you vacuuming the floor? I would think it might help to do it at least once daily, maybe even once in the morning and once in the evening.
If you get up the eggs, that will solve the problem. Where are you disposing of the bag? It needs to be taken outside and burned or hauled off with the garbage.
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Try either food-grade diatomaceous earth or boric acid (in the laundry aisle) in your carpets and upholsteries. Vaccuum really well, sprinkle it down, and then vacuum again about 24 hours later. You can do it over again too. Use a carpet rake or a broom to get the powder way down in there.

Then throw away any fabrics you can't wash, like pillows without slipcovers, and whathaveyou. Then wash everything you can wash in HOT water once a day.

And bring the cats back. When they get bitten, it'll help kill off the fleas with the flea meds from your vet that are on them.
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You can also use Borax, found in the laundry aisle of the store. It's a laundry booster so look for it near the oxyclean and stuff like that. Get a couple of boxes of the stuff. Sprinkle it on the carpet, then use a good broom to sweep it into your carpet. Sprinkle it outside your house (and under your trailer if you can get under there) near the skirt. Let it set inside overnight and then vacuum it up. Continue to use the flea meds from the vet faithfully on your kitties. You can even sprinkle the Borax on your couches and other furniture.

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Borax and boric acid are the same thing, in case that's confusing.
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Nothing worked for us, either, until the cats had been on the Advantage/Frontline for a while, then it seemed the fleas all magicly disappeared! The only thing we have had to fog is the basement 2 or 3 years ago, I think (in 7 years of living here and using the Advantage/Frontline). I don't even have to do my cats every month anymore, especially in the winter, and they are indoor/outdoor cats. Switching between the products seems to help, but I don't know why. I certainly understand your aggravation! Been there, -ed that! Make sure you are vacuuming the furniture well, and dusting anywhere they get up, too- my friend was shocked at the flea eggs that were in some of the most unlikely places, but anywhere the cats can go, the flea eggs will be!
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Thank you ALL for the info. I will get the Borax today
I'll be waiting for a few more days to bring back my fur babies though.I want to get rid of as many of these little as I can first.
(Plus, DH is still recouperating from his knee surgury)
I have NEVER had a flea problem..............even when we had a Cocker Spaniel in FULL coat .So, this blew me away when DH said "hon,do fleas jump?"I said yeah why.........and the rest is history. Before I knew it, we were getting ate up by them...............LITERALLY!!!!
Thank you all again!!! It is SO appreciated!!!
Is Borax safe for kids and the cats?
Oh, I forgot the questions, I vacuum atleast once a day.I have 4 kids
I have a Kirby,so it is VERY powerful.I replace the bag after every vacuum right now...........I bought cheap ones,cause the bags are $$$$
I take the bag out as soon as I am done..............put into a garbage bag and taken to the trash.
I put 3 flea collars in the vacuum bag..........cut into small pieces.
I think Corwin and the orphan kits are the culprit for the fleas.As we NEVER had them before they came.
Thanks again!!!
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just a quick safty thing im not sure about cutting up the flea collars but make sure to wear gloves while doing it the pesticide can get into our skin.
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