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Safe trip vibes please!

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Trav and I and Trav's parents are driving down to Tennessee this coming Labor Day weekend. Trav's brother, Chris is a football coach at Bethel College in MacKensie and it is their first game on the brand new(and BEAUTIFUL) field! We are leaving very early Friday morning and it is a 12-13 hour drive. We will be coming back Monday evening. THEN Trav's sister is flying in Saturday morning from San Francisco so can you guys spare some AWESOME TCS travel vibes for our whole family? It would be truely grateful!
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Have a very safe trip! And have a great time down there!
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Wow, that's a long drive. I think you could cover most of the UK in 12/13 hours!

Have a safe journey everyone <<<<<<<<safe trip vibes>>>>>>>>>>
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Safe vibes headed your way!! My sister and her family are leaving for TN Friday too. My other sister lives there and they are going to Clarksville........that's only a 9 hour drive for us.............safe good vibes for everyone!
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Heres for a safe, fun filled trip for all of you .........
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{{{{{Safe Trip Vibes}}}}} Have Fun!!!
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Have A Safe Trip
Have Fun Too
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You're gonna have an awesome, safe, fun trip!! Good vibes are going in your direction.
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Sending you many good travelling vibes...12-13 hours is quite the long drive!
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