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Anybody else want to list thier kits in this thread??
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My foster Eeyore gave birth today. So now I have 5 more kitties! Here are all the babies together...
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What a cute thread!!

My name is Cara and here are my kitties!



The two of them playing as usual!
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I'm Amber and these are my kitties




Better pic of Kitten

And Last but not least Da Baby Boy Bagheera
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I'm Gail and this is my Tavia
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I'm Laura and here is my one and only furbaby, Tabitha the tailess Tabby!!

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I'm Nelle, and here are Lucy, Ethel, Ricky-Bobby, and Israel:


and Izzy (Israel)


and our Pixie-Bob look-alike,
Ricky Bobby
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Tobie: one of the ones we're keeping from Sneaker's litter, he's extremely sweet, vocal, and not afraid of anything, like his daddy.

Sofia: the other one we're keeping, I think she's gonna be somewhat shy like her momma, but she's more of a lap cat.

The other four (plus Tobie and Sofia) who have yet to be named by their new families:

Ziggy (daddy): the comedian, gregarious and pushy, but he still sleeps by our side at night and purrs:

Sneakers (momma): the quiet one, shy but loyal and very sweet to my husband and I... she's delicate like porcelain.

Godiva: the diva, the drama queen, the most emotional cat you will ever meet, with the most horrid sounding meow, but she's a lover and I have to admit she's my favorite.

Bandit: the laid back, jaded girl who likes to lay down like a turkey. She loves strangers more than she loves us. She also likes to play the piano and get obsessive about her toys.
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Teddy - 9 year old gray and white (you can't see his white belly). He's a sick little boy, and spends most of his time sleeping on this couch.

Attachment 11568

PJ - 12ish year old tortie/white - the scream queen.

Attachment 11569

oops. forgot my name... I'm Jennifer!
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I'm Nikki and these are my furbabies

Velvet- black dsh

Isabella- odd-eyed Turkish Angora

Jasmine-Torti-Point Siamese

Abilene-dsh (tiger tabbie)
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I'm Talia and these are my boys


Little Pete

And the two of them together - they love each other so much
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Mellow Jacob

Beautiful Loki
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I am Tina and these are my kitties.







Moochie and Gizmo

Egore, Jasper, Jasmine, Moochie and Charmin

The babies that were born on Mothers Day. We kept Bob and Penelope.

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I'm Joanne and these are my girls Chloe and Iris, respectively.

Fun thread!
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
Saving my spot for stoli - my computer is getting fixed. . . . .
I couldn't edit my post. . . . .

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Hi im John and this is my crew






and they keep me on my toes
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My name is Ashley (obviously)

Here is my girl MARLEE (now called Sissy alot... ). She is technically a little over a year old, but since I dont know her exact birthday, and she was very young when I got her (8/9 weeks) I will celebrate her first birthday in 6 days!!

As a baby...

Grown Up!!

And here is MILO (often called Booger). He is close to three months old, been with us for right at a month.

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I'm Susan and this is Chester

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Hellooo, I am Maria.
When I joined TCS I only had 3 cats.



Then came Wawa

This year alone, 7 were added!!!
Ashley and Buddy

And the kittens Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, Go Sorry, they're not even facing the camera.
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Shenandoah and Humble
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Hi Im ZEYNEB and this is my baby queen PELU┼×! Shes now 6 months old...

the date of this photo is actually 02/09/2006
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My Little girl Kera

My Buddy Howler
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Hi.....I'm Sophie.....and these are my 3 fur babies.....

my boy Ansel (8 years next month) My cats are indoor only cats. This was a supervised outdoor visit...OK...he actually snuck out when I opened the door to the enclosed patio...but I stayed with him....he's stalking a bird here.

my little girl Zan (2 years)

my newest little girl Bella (1 year today!)
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Hi! I'm Eva and this is my crew!

Pooh Bear!









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