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Just wanted to share.....

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We've finally had our bathroom done, and here are the before and after pics:

and after:

We're so pleased with it, it looks so much better!
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Wow, that after pic is amazing! Congrats on the new bathroom!
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Ooooo! It looks great!
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Just beautiful.......did you do the work yourself?
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Well done, that looks great! The before pic is a total shocker!
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Thank you, I know, it was a state before! We had someone in to do the work, we couldn't have done all the plumbing ourselves. He's moved around a lot of pipework, as you can see, quite a lot of it was on show before, now it's all been put under the floor.
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Veeeeeeerrrrrrrrry nice!
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BEAUTIFUL! Nice work
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Very nice!!! Isn't it better having a more neutral color???
Before we redid ours, my bathtub, shower stall, toilet and sink where all lime green (quite popular in the 1970's!!)
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Wow it looks great!!!!!!
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That looks good. I need to redo my bathroon as well.
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That is a lot better.
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Wow! its beautiful!!
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