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boarding the cats?

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My boyfriend and I are planning a vacation for later this year, and I am concerned with what I should do with my cats. the last time we went away together his (teenage) sisters watched them and had a party at my house (place was trashed) so I'm really not willing to give them a key again!! I was thinking of boarding the cats (nobody else I know lives all that close to me and I'd hate to ask someone to drive that far to feed my cats for me) does anyone know of a good place I can search for this? I know my vet does this but one of my two cats hates the vet so much she just is impossible to controll she growls and hisses the moment we walk through the door so the idea of leaving her there for a week is horrible! (unless you think maybe she would get used to it?) does anyone else board the cats when they go away or have an idea for me for an alternative solution other than giving the key to annoying untrustworthy kids or asking someone who would have to drive a half hour or more... any advice would be great! thanks!
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I know here in the Cleveland area, there are people that you can hire that per sit for a living.......they will come to your home and walk, feed, play with your pet....whatever they need.........
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you could hire a pet sitter to come by for the feeding/watering/box cleaning once or twice a day. Cats seem to do much better at home alone than put in a boarding kennel. They can be left enough food, water & extra boxes to get along fine - the danger of them being alone in the house, with petsitter visits, is either some disaster happening, or someone breaking into the house and the cats getting out,but you can minimize those risks by having a neighbor watch out for the place & notify your folks if some bad event is occurring, such as fire, storm, etc.
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