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Our Sweet Pru

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Pru is getting better every day and we adore her. I think everything a feral does on the positive side is such a delight because it is never expected.

Pru jumped up on my lap and strolled across to the end table, not once, but twice in one evening! That is really big to anyone who has had a feral.

She was spayed two weeks ago and seems much more relaxed and not so driven. She will actually lay down beside us on the bed and stay for a while now before she goes on night duty.
Originally the vet thought she was spayed, but we found out she wasn't when she went into a heat three weeks ago. I think spaying her has helped. I was worried surgery would put her progress back, but that hasn't happened. Jumping up on my lap happened just this past week, surgery didn't set her back at all.

Taking her into our home has been one of the best decisions we ever made. That and coming here for all the help
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Congratulations on your successes with Pru! It is wonderful to read such encouraging stories.
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She is beautiful! I am a little predjudiced because she looks a lot like my Pepper since she filled out. She was still kinda skinny in the pic in my siggy.
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The pic in my sig of Pru was taken early on after her arrival and she is scrunching down, wanting to run away. She looks pretty solid in that picture. When I took her to the vet before her surgery, she weighed 6.75 lbs. She is around 5-6 years old. She's a small one.
Pepper is a sweetie, along with the rest of your tribe!
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That's wonderful news. Pru knows a good home when she sees one!

I bet sweet Sammie is lovin on her (I'm so jealous). Clio is beautiful too - she looks like our dear sweet Simba that we lost almost 3 years ago.

Give your kitties scrunches from me.
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Thanks Linda. Sammy is of course loving her and they chase each other all over the place, they get tired and lay on their sides and then bat at each other. But Sam still has the top of the cat tree, no way is she getting up higher than him!
Clio of course is above all that, it's so undignified. She cleans Pru's ears when Pru head butts her. She is Pru's mentor. Pru came into bed and went under the covers between us and then came out and left. Clio came and went under, turned around and laid between us. Pru came back saw this, headbutted Clio until she couldn't take it and left. Pru then came under the covers, turned around and laid down between us. She's a quick learner. Having a couple of inside tame kitties to watch has been a big help to her. The other two have been a big part of her "rehabilitation".
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