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Swollen eyelid

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Hey everyone, first post, and only because there's a wee problem with my cat. Was hoping that someone would have some advice to reassure me and my girlfriend.

Gully is just over a year old now and white, so we worry about potential health problems, skin cancer and such. Anyway, he's been sleeping in our room for most of this morning/afternoon and he's just come back in with a swollen eye. It's just above his eye really, but it means he can't really open his eye properly. He seems okay enough, we're keeping him in this room for now, and he's lounging about, though seems a bit upset. He's not mewing or anything but he keeps rubbing at the swollen area.

I imagine that he's been in a fight or been stung, but my girlfriend is worrying quite a lot. Should we try and stop him from rubbing the area or is it not a problem? (he's not scratching it so I don't think it's too bad.) It's just a little weird because he is being very sleepy and he's been asleep all day (like I said earlier).

Should I be worrying?
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If the swelling hasn't gone down by morning, I'd make an appointment with the vet and have it checked out.
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Is it warm to the touch? It could be an abscess. If so, your kitty will likely need to have it drained and to take antibiotics. Abscesses are a type of infection, and they can cause fevers. You may want to take your cat's temperature to see. If it's high (above 102 or so) call the ER vet and see if he should be seen tonight.
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