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Extra toed cats?

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Just curious have any of you owned a cat with EXTRa toes? does that mean they also have 1 extra claw?

Does it help them with giving them a better grip when they climb? Are cats like this considered lucky? It looks so cute
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We used to have a kitty named Endora and she had 7 toes on each foot! Yes they ALL had claws. She looked like she was wearing baseball mitts on her hands! I also remember that she had one of those toys that was a tube with cutouts in it- and a ball that rolled around inside. The cat was supposed to bat and push the ball around in the tube. Well Endora's paws were WAY to big to fit inside the tube. She would get so upset and cry- we ended up having to take that toy away!
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Wow, I've never heard of this before! I heard of humans with extra digits, but not cats!
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A cat with extra toes is called just means they have an extra digit. It's completely normal and there are numerous polydactal kitties out there With the extra toe, they also have an extra claw . They should be able to climb and play just like a normal kitty
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Kricket is polydactal. I think it is the cutest thing in the world. She only has the extra toes on her front feet. I took pics of them when she first learned how to hold herself upright and not fall over. The older she gets the more obvious they are. A few of my friends that have never taken notice of her feet BUG out when they first see it. Heres the pic

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according to wikipedia most cats with extra toes works to their advantage with a better grip and manuverablity
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Here is Elwood Blues (brother of Jake Blues). I bottle fed these boys while young and my dear friend adopted them from me so I get to keep close touch with them.

He was actually jokingly named from the Blues Brother's movie. If you remember, Jake had the letters "J-A-K-E" tattoed on his nuckles. Elwood had "E-L-W-O" on one hand and "O-D" on the other hand. This Elwood could have his entire name tattoed on one paw!

Polydactyl's are also called Hemingway cats. Hemingway lived on an island off Florida and there was a very large colony of them that lived with him. I think they are now protected. Do a google search and read more!

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Chuckie was a poly, more so on one foot than the other.
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I love polys! Tiger's mom was an albino poly... he didn't get the gene though. But his sister Matrix (my friends adopted her) did... she was the only female out of the litter and the only one who was a poly... Then his momma's second litter were ALL polys and 4 out of six were albinos
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I just read this thread. It was a very interesting one! Congrats to the writers!!
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We had ones a nest with kittens where evryone had extra toes (my cat had a secred lovestory with the neighbours cat). They could all use their extra tumb to grip things and it made them excellent climbers. It is a deformation though and I have seen pictures of cats with deformated feet due to unserious breeding on this deformation. My neigbours cat had eight toes on his hind paws and they were definitly in his way. If it shows up now and then - no big deal - but please don't breed on it.
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my cat, Wick, has 6 toes on each front paw. 4 normal toes and two "thumb" toes. One of the two thumb toes has 2 fused claws in it, so one thick claw with two tips. I can't clip those, and they get stuck on things sometimes, but otherwise it doesn't seem to affect her at all.
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Our old guy, Wuzzy, had 7 on each front paw and 6 on each back paw. Whenever he wanted to sit on our laps we would have to put a thick quilt over our stomachs because he LOVED to knead and he would poke holes in us!
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I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kitties that have thumbs!!!!
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Originally Posted by FootersOwnsMe View Post

Aww it looks like furry human hands!!
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My sisters cat Otis have 6 or 7 toes on each front paw. Doesn't seem to bother him. He still plays with Milo like any other cat. It's so cute though!
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hemingway lived in Key WEst and his cats were polydactyl and all polydactyl cats are decendants of Hemminways cats. You can tour the house, which I did, and the grounds are filled with the 60 some cats living there. I forget the details but they have a schedule as to the offspring and neutering to keep the number in tact. I think I saw some other foot deformities going on while I was there too. It is a big property with a ton of cats just lounging around. Recently in the news, there has been talk about KEY West animal control fining the Hemingway foundation for having cats run loose, but in Key West there are chickens and cats all over the place but, we can tell which cats are heminways, so who knows. maybe they will have to play. If you ever get to Key west, you must go there and to the Butterfly conservatory.
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My Max has an extra toe on his front paws (looks like he's wearing gloves). He runs, plays just as well as his sister, Sarah.
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my mikey is a poly.
hes got six on the front and five on the back. his front paws an back paws are white while his body is a mix of colors, looks like hes got mittens on.

he uses his paw like hands and probably uses his paws for grabing and touching stuff more than any other cat ive seen.

They are said to be lucky cats but anyone who has ever owned one will say they are a very special cat.

I try and look in ads for any that are for sale but since it a genetic effect it isnt that easy to find.
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Azrael has extra toes on his front paws. He has two thumbs and each has its own claw - although one is slightly smaller than the other. Doesn't bother him. I clip them just like they were any other nail. He uses them to grip things... and also as a cup to drink water. He will never stick his head into the water dish... instead cups his paw, dips it in the water bowl, and then drinks it out of his paw. It's too cute to watch.
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Just curious dont some cats with an extra toe have such a small 6th toe that it seems like their extra claw is comming threw their foot?
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I think they are so cute! Are they usually expensive? A lot of people seem to love them, so I suppose they are "in demand." I love the picture of "furry hands" from FootersOwnsMe! I would love to have one someday.
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THey dont cost anything they are free. They are just moggies with extra toes you can find them anywhere. Check ur local shelter they probably have a few. Thats where my friend got hers a few days ago. The shelter also had a few kittens with "extra" toes as well

Actually They are found anywhere along the east coast of north america if u live in the west or another continent they might not exist

I am from Ontario and they are all over
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Originally Posted by chausiefan View Post
Just curious dont some cats with an extra toe have such a small 6th toe that it seems like their extra claw is comming threw their foot?
Chuckie had that on his back feet, when the vet felt it he was shocked!
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Krickets extra toes were the first things I noticed when my neighbor called me over to identify the tiny little black, squeaking thing that her dog has just found. I had always wanted a cat with extra toes. She is crazy when it comes to play time, she uses the extra toes to catch things its fun to watch. I'm just afraid that if i dont stay on top of nail clipping that extra toe inbetween will grow into her foot. I've noticed that, that nail is slower to grow than her other nails. Shes my spoiled rotten little kitty.
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