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The red cup

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Before I became a meowmy, I had this beautiful red cup that I would fill with water and keep on my bedside table. Once 8-Bit adopted us, part of my kitten proofing was to remove said red cup so he didn't accidentally knock it off and break it. I recently decided to get the cup out of retirement, and have it on my bedside table once again. It has now become an extra kitty water bowl. Such is the life of a woman who will let her kitties walk all over her. A year and week ago, I would have never let that happen, now, I'm just happy they are getting all the water they need regardless of the vessel.

Anyone else have anything similar?
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I had a big beer mug that I drank water out of all the time, and it sat on my nightstand at night to sip out of. Fred and Leo discovered it, and it became theirs. If it got empty, they would remind me that it needed filling.
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Any glasses that are put in our nightstands, Twig will knock off because he wants attention. Needless to say, we use either, plastic ones, or none at all. He's not a good cat if he wants attention at night, he's a brat! But he always gets his way, daddy picks him up after he smacks the glass off the nightstand and pets him. Such is the life of a spoiled monster! He's such a sweet guy though, how can you resist a tabby cat???
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Jacob and Loki both like to drink out of the water glass (always plastic) on the night stand. Loki goes one further, hooks his paw into it, tips it a bit, and then flips it over onto me while I'm sleeping. Once he even got it so it landed right side up again! I don't know how many times I've been woken up in the middle of the night by water landing on me!

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When mine were very young, I would always catch them drinking out of my water glass. Sticking their paws in the glass, too. They would never touch their water bowl. They let me know, they wanted their water on top of a table, in a glass. To this day, this is the only way they will drink it.
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I keep a bottle of water with a top on it on my nightstand ....Hahahaha, i've outsmarted the kitties. They still try to steal all of my food when i'm not looking though - ithey think they are "above all things human" and need to eat whatever i have lol
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Jerry and I take a bottle of water with us at night to bed, and EVERY time Tiggy comes along and knocks it off!!!
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