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Hi Im new here

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Hi my names Dom,

about me
im english but i like to say Bonjour ,im cat mad ,i cant spell lol, and im fun loving and love to go to the y alot

about my Furbabys
i have 4 cat Darcy Boris Vlad and Mo

they are all guys and i love them all lots

Boris and Vlad are brothers
while Darcy and Mo are just Darcy and Mo

later i will get a siggy up so you can see my lovely boys

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Welcome to TCS Dom!!
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Thanks miss mew
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Bienvenue, Dom, Darcy Boris Vlad and Mo

We look forward to learning more about you.
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Hi Dom and welcome to you Darcy, Boris, Vlad and Mo !! Cant wait to see pics of your boys !!
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Welcome and thank you for the introduction! Can't wait to see your babies! If you need help with anything on the site, please msg. me !
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Welcome to TCS

I look forward to seeing your beautiful boys

I have two 5month old kittens called Max and Billy Both Males

LuLu x
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Hi there Dom we're so happy to welcome you and your four boys to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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Hi Dom welcome to TCS!
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welcome Dom!! we wanna see piccies!!!

hope you enjoy it here
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i got my siggy up (hopefully) Thank you for all the welcomes
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Great siggy! Welcome to the site, Dom
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Hey Dom, welcome to TSC, you´ve done great with your siggy - the babies look so cutes
Well have fun, I am sure you´ll enjoy it here !
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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hi dom, a big welcome to you. have a good time on the site, it's a wonderful place and full of info.

have a good one and cya around.
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Hullo Dom, Boris, Vlad, Darcy, and Mo!

Nice to meet you all and may I say Boris and Vlad, you have great names! Gettin' fangy with it ! Not to leave out Darcy and Mo, who I would love to see pix of, along with the Bro's...I can't put up pix maybe because I have dialup but I currently serve 9! rescued, indoor-only, spayed/neutered feline fanged ones, from 16+ (Nicolas T. Cat; the "T" stands for "The", or maybe "Thriller" or "Triller", depending on his mood at the time) to 2-year-old Suha (a/k/a Baby Su, Suha the Terrible, or The Bitemouth Kitten, because, well, she's fangy, too!) In between are Samuda, Calo, Rani, Sishya, Tarifa, Maryam, and Sahra. And there are 12 in sanctuary in Canada, due to my husband divorcing me and forcing us to relocate to an urban location with stupid quotas. They are all rescued, indoor-only, spayed/neutered, too, and I miss them TERRIBLY, but am relieved they are safe and in loving care.
Purrz to your crew from me and mine!
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Welcome Dom!
I am new also to the site, and can tell you that everyone has made me feel really welcome. I have also gotten advice regarding my Simba, who was just recently diagnosed with diabetes. We have four furbabies two are Maine Coons, Bailey and Simba, and Elliott and Mittens are "finds" that "found" us!!!
We love them all, and really enjoy each one for different reasons.
Looking forward to chatting.

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Welcome to TCS!
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