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Leaving kitten alone for 3 nights

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Jake is 12 weeks old. I've had him 4 weeks. He has his shots and vet says he's healty. He has the run of the house and is a good boy. He is the only kitty.

I have to go away for 3 nights, leaving at noon today and will be away Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night. A pet sitter is coming in Monday and Tuesday for 1/2 hour each day to feed/water him, play with him and do the litter thing. I'm worried sick about this. Do you think this is OK to do? Would he be better at a kennel? The thought of a cage breaks my heart. I have left him once overnight and one other time for two nights. The pet sitter came in for the 2 night absence. I'll make sure he has lots of food, water and his favorite (safe) toys left out. Any suggestions? Should I go away and not worry?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.
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That's a long time to leave a small kitten home alone. The sitter will only be in 1/2 an hour a day that leaves 23 1/2 hours that the baby is alone and lots can happen. Kittens are balls of energy and can get into all kinds of trouble.

Can't the sitter keep the kitten at their house for the time you are away? Even a kennel is better than leaving the kitten alone for that length of time.
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sounds like an accident waiting to happen...poor kitty

but i guess we'll never know as jakes_mom has probably left by now....
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I know
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Personally I'd have someone come in EVERY day for a 3 month old kitten. And I would confine that kitten to ONE room while you are gone. IMO too many dangers to let a 3 month old be unsupervised.
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Follow-up...I brought Jake with me. It was a long drive, about 2.5 hours but he did fine as he is used to going in the car. There are two dogs here so he is confined to the room where I sleep. He's safe and seems happy enough. I should have mentioned in my original post that he would have been confined to one room - a bedroom converted to a "safe room", with a big window (no blinds)to look out, his food, water, toys, litter and his cat condo. Nothing else in the room.
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Thank you for not leaving him alone
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We just went away for four days and my kitten is almost 6 months old. There was no way I'd leave him alone. Though he is a good boy, you never know what a bored kitten could do to your house.

I took him to my mothers. He was kind of scared and unresponsive to her the first day -- after that he acted like he'd lived there forever!

We also have a boarding facility here run by a woman who adores cats (it is a kitty hotel). The "rooms" are still just closet sized though so I would feel so guilty putting him there.
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