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Can a cat be TOO clean? Advice needed!

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As some of you know, ive been having problems with Jasmine weeing where she shouldnt.

Its not daily, its usually every 3 ish days and its only ever a wee, never a poo.

Ive tried everything, shes not stressed, she hasnt got an infection, shes not marking her territory and everytime i block a wee spot off she goes somewhere else.

However, this morning i made a discovery and i need your opinions.

Bit of background info first -

> I usually clean her food bowls every couple of days, however last week was my first week back at work and i forgot for about 4 days, every time i fed her i noticed she wouldnt eat it, so eventually i cleaned the bowls and she ate the food immediately ....obviously the bowls were too dirty for her.

> As soon as she poos in her litter tray she covers it completely, runs out and then immediately cleans herself all over.

> If Riley poos, he never covers it, so she goes in and does it for him.

Ok, so this morning she pooed in the tray and covered it, but then she kept crying and sniffing around, every time i put her in her tray she ran out.
Eventually i thought i would clean both trays thoroughly. I always scoop out poos about 3 times a day and the trays get washed and disenfected once a week. I do usually notice by about day 3 they start to smell a bit though.

So i cleaned out tray one this morning, washed it and put fresh litter in it, as SOON as i did that, jasmine went straight in the tray, had a wee, covered it over and washed herself. it likely that the reason she has been weeing inappropriately is that to her, the trays arent clean enough after a few days?

This would explain why she doesnt wee outside the tray every day.

Im doing a test run to see if she wees on the floor over the next 3 days, if she doesnt and this is the reason, im going to clean the trays properlly every 2 days.

So....any opinions greatly received!!
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Well it seems like your cat has some type of ocd when it comes to clenlyness! thats adorable! yes, do the test run and see what happens. also do some reaserch on a product called "Cat Attract"- a catnip type of liter coating that attracts cats to the box when they feel like making a mess, and the stuff is like catnip, so when they smell the nip, they wanto come back for more weeing and pooing later.
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It sounds like you've found the solution already - she needs her dishes and litter boxes to be very clean. I also have a clean freak cat, Niko. For years, she would not pee in the litter boxes. We tried all the things that are usually suggested, like extra boxes, different brands of litter including Cat Attract, blocking off the areas where she had peed, etc. She now has two litter boxes all to herself - one with litter and one without. I clean them after every use so she doesn't feel that she has to go on the carpet anymore. The empty box is very easy to wipe clean.
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Well i have 2 litter trays but she shares them both with riley, i could try and get another but i have nowhere to put it.

Does yours really like going in the one with nothing in it then? Thats interesting!!

Im really hoping this is the reason why shes weeing out of the box, but i realise i could still have accidents.

How did you discover thats what was wrong with Niko?
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I use a cat-sand that immedialtly become lumps. It is also some blue stuff in it that takes away the smell and it really works. With nine cats it gets full quite fast and if I use other sand the little darlings are holding it untill I'm home from work to clean the trays. Then they are standing on a line while I am cleaning. I have two big trays and so far there hasn't been one accident and then five of the cats are kittens.
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I think im going to try to get a clumping litter, i didnt really like them before but not think it could be useful!

I dont envy you with 9 cats, that must be hard work!
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O M G yes ! My Miss Moofi, who was a stray - is a serious clean freak !
clean food bowls, even after about 10 mins and she wants biscuits, mum ! it just has to be a clean bowl !
Dont talk to me about cat-lit trays, we only have one and well its an all day job tried more but well that just turned out to be more work.
Think you are onto it now and good luck with the test !
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Thanks! I do hope this is the reason. Im a it worried about what will happen when im at work tho....i cant come home every hour to clean it!
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