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I've just found something out and it worries me. I used a dewormer on my kittens a while ago and it gave Archie a very red raw spot on the back of his neck, which then scabbed over and did not look comfortable. Tilly was fine. It's just that I was pet food shopping recently and I saw that on the dewormer packaging it says its also used under a different name as a perscription! Would it be exactly the same? I'd hate to think that vets were telling people to use something that hurt my baby.
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What is the name of the meds that were used? If it was Frontline or Advantage, there are some cats that have sensitive skin that will have a reaction at the application site, but it is usually just a small amount of hairloss.

If you used any other medication, which more than likely contained pyrmethrin, then those are toxic and will cause irritation at the site, at the least.
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a dewormer should not do this. it seems like ringworm that you are describing. Have you noticed anything different in his stool... any odd magot lookin bugs? they are the worms.
where did you get the dewormer? at the vet, a 'Drontal' Tablet is given and the potential worms flushed out of the system via poo.

Frontline and Advantage are flea and tick preventatives. Alo check kitty for fleas and if there are some little critters hitching a ride, your kitty could have a flea allergie, and must be brought to the vet and not ignored!
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When you are looking for pet meds or food for that matter, ad the pacaging sais that it is "vet reccomended" that usually means that it can be used for that purpose, but is usually a rip off and a cheap imitation of the vet used products at the office. supermarket cat foods for instance are like mcD's in a bag, and can lead to crystals in some cats. Keep them on a healthy diet, and do not trust the things that you see in the supermarket
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My guess is you used something with the same active ingrediant as a RX but not the strength... I would suggest takeing the box or a picture of it to the vet to ensure you dont get that again..
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