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sick kitten

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My cat had kittens almost 6 weeks ago and now one of the little babies is sick. Normally we would call the vet but they wont open for another 3 hours. He is acting very tired, not being able to hold his head up or open his eyes much. He isn't interested in people and while his two sisters and brother are running all over the room we keep them in he just sits curled up. His breathing is very fast and he is drooling. If you pick him up he gives a harsh meow that seems soft and breathless. There was a puddle of what looks like it could have been water vomit on his blanket. Is there anything I could do while we wait for the vet to open? Any idea of whats wrong with my baby?
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Luckily the vet opens in 3 hours Thursday.. I don't think i can help but the drooling doesnt sound good. Maybe somethings happened that you don't know about .. they're adventurous at six weeks.
Sorry i can't be of more help. I'm waiting on replies to a thread myself .. i think im on the wrong side of the world and everyones asleep!
Good luck ..theyre very strong creatures i'm sure he/she will be fine!
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we were able to get him settled down so he is sleeping now. We guessing he may have eaten something like litter or choked slightly while everyone was sleeping. He's all wrapped up in a blanket so we know he wont get cold and I'm going to stay with him until the vet opens. I'm just worried because he's so little
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lol you sound like me, staying with him... I think knowing they're loved and cared for gets them a LONG way.
Im not waiting for replies i ended up ringing the vet that checked my ginger 5month old girl today. She got hit in the eye with a tennis ball .
Apparently the eye looks blind because of a discharge due to the eyedrops.. phew...Shes cool because ginger females are uncommon theyre usually male... AND her eyes are orange too!
Anyway my prayers are with your lil baby..good luck
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She sounds like a cutie. The baby I'm worried about is the one we're keeping. We weren't to keep any but then one of our cats was hit by a car and loosing her really pushed me to bond with the kittens. The baby seems a lot better in just the last hour, I sat next to him and he moved to curl up in the crook of my arm and then started purring like crazy. His mom came in after that and let him feed for a few minutes and he started his normal whine for more food, he's such a little cow. I'm glad to hear that little ginger girl's problem was the eye drops. Poor thing. I read that about the ginger females being rare, we have a calico males, those are supposed to be rare too. Hopefully Pi will stay his chipper little self now, he really does look much better.
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An appetite is always a good sign hopefully he's fine..!
I too, read not long ago about calicos almost always being female while i was reading about my ginger girl!
I'm off to bed now .. not too much longer till your vet opens..
I actually feel quite drained and like crying ..more than a few hours after the ball hit her even..I love her too much! lol
Goodnight and Godbless
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