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advise needed

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my cat has just walked past me and is not useing his left leg atall he can't even seem to jump up on to anything his crying to go out side though lol ( witch i ain't letting him , the q i have is my b/f is at work and not sure when his home , i have 3 young children and on a sunday the nearest vet to me who is cheep( don't get paid untill the 31st) is over an hour away his paw seem's a bit matted i can only look so much b4 he pull's away , it look's like he may have a small cut on his paw no blood atall but his fur is a tiny bit matted around the area he seemed fine when he came in last night ( i don't go to bed unless there in side) the way he is lifting his leg though it don't seem like that's all his done to it , it's lifted really high do u think it's possible he broke it ?
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it's ok i phoned the vet's and they said to just keep him rested and bath it with warm water
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Poor kitty, I hope he's ok.\t
Do you know how he injured himself?
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My male cat did that once. He acted like he had the worse wound in world and wouldn't let me touch it. I felt bad so I let him stay inside and gave him wet food. Next morning he was fine. I think he just wanted attention. LOL!
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he still wont put presure on it , i havn't a clue how he done it , i have loooked at it a bit more tonight and his donw something to his paw pad it's slighty inflamed and look's sore the vet said give it a few day's if it look's like it's getting worse then bring him in
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Yeah... keep it clean, keep your cat quiet... you might want to check his temp if he'll stand for it; fever's a good indicator of infection.
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