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I Need Some Really Basic Photoshop Help!

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I'm sure some of you will laugh when you see how basic my question is considering what I'm trying to do but... I'm stumped!

I'm trying to make a siggy & I have ABSOLUTELY no clue how to use Photoshop- but my brother is like a Photoshop Guru and he's walked me through a lot of stuff, but he's in bed now

I need to open a new document- so I go to file > new... Great- my new window opens but when I make it bigger it's just a grey background with a little tiny white square in the middle. I can see something in the square- it looks like the top left corner of an "01"

I can't get anything to show up or figure out what I have to do to be able to see my new page!

Told ya it was basic!

Hopefully someone can help me ASAP because I'm at a major dead end without this info and I'm having too much fun working on this!
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Nevermind! I figured it out finally!
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Glad you got it sorted and the sig looks great
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I thought as this thread was already created I'd post here.

I see alot of great sigs, but I have no clue, none whatsoever on how to make one, so basically photoshop sits there unused! I'd really like to try and use it, and make one with my cats on, but where do you start??

I have been on alot of tutorial sites, and to be honest I get so frustrated as they start off easy enough, then get so difficult they lose me does anyone know of anywhere where they actually stay in laymans terms?
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I tried to make one that was as simple as possible, you can find it here
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Hello all!
I am SOOOO happy that I found this group. I talk about my cats CONSTANTLY and everyone thinks I'm nutso!
Would anyone be able to tell me how to post my sig in my signature? Or how to even create a signature... LOL
Also, I wanted to post a new thread to say hello to everyone and introduce my 'babies', but I wasn't sure how to do that.
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone and anyone who can help, and I really am looking forward to joining your group!!!!

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icklemiss21, thank you so much!

redyave, I see you have your sig up now, very nice too...I'm assuming you found the rest ok? or someone helped...if not PM me and I'd be happy to help.
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