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I've been bad...I have to share!

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So I have this friend. He likes to pick at people but you can't always pick back. He's mostly DH's friend, but he also happens to be my best friend's ex-fiancée (both are married now). Well he's been pickin at me on my Myspace page. SOooo I threatened to dig out some old pics and post them.

As of Thursday I still hadn't so he started pickin at me about that. Well this afternoon I posted a funny one. Then I got creative with this one. It was of DH and him. We were outside around a fire and being silly when I went to take the pic he put his hand on DH's butt. So I found this pic and this is what I did to it:

(click to enlarge)

DH suggested using Santa and I tried using the mooning gnome but neither worked or felt right. So this is now also posted on my page (with his face showing of course, I didn't want to post his face on here without his permission, but I left his cheesing grin). I can't wait for him to see it!!!!

It's so bad but it's funny!!!! (At least I think so....mostly because I know how he will react!!!
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Hahaha - great pic!!!
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at least I'm not the only one who teases my husband.
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Thread Starter far as I know, he still hasn't seen them!
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Grabbing a gnome ---- EXCELLENT comeback!!
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Haha, revenge is sweet!
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Yeah, you're bad - because you put that pic in your post in Karen's birthday thread!
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Nice burn!!, I bet you'd love to see the look on his face when he sees that picture!!
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That is so funny! I think he will laugh!!
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Good job. lol lol lol
That is a good one.
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Well he saw it....

.....I'm supprised I didn't hear the fuss he made all the way from Binghamton! He sent me a message and is now pouting for 'a cool' picture of him to be on there. I told him that's all I have except maybe one I took at his wedding.
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