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Hero song

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There is a new song out here on the radio. I've only heard it a few times, but I love it...just wondered if anyone knows the name of it and who sings it? I would love to get the CD!!

It goes something like...And they say that a hero will save us...etc...and something about holding onto the wings of an eagle.

I think it is from the Spiderman movie, so I suppose it is on the soundtrack, but I was just curious who sings is such a beautiful song!!
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Its the lead singer Chad Kroeger, from Nickelback, its an awesome song!! Its been out here for a while and I love it!! He sings it with another guy but I can't remember his name... sorry!! Oh and you're right it IS the song from Spiderman and it is called Hero
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The "other guy" is Josey Scott, of Saliva.

Great song. The more I hear it, the more i like it (for now, anyway).

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Ack.... trust you to know and show me up Billy..... now, pass the cookies damn it! :LOL:
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I hope YOU have cookies. You know how Bod gets! Someone...anyone...get cookies to Bod before its too late!!!

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Here you go Bod! Here is a chocolate Kiss
a cup of coffee and your cookie!

BTW - I also think the song is great!
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Nickelback!! That's it!! Thanks guys!!! Now pass the cookies!!!
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Here you go!
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Ahhh thats sooo much better...... thanks for the cookies Ady.... didn't want to have hurt anybody!! :LOL:
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I better eat mine fast before Rhea wrestles me to the ground for them!!!
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That song is awesome! It's also on the Spiderman soundtrack, Debby!
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Yeah, I love that song also Debby!

Can I get a cookie too???
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If you wanna cookie... you'll have to come through me first Jin!!! UG!! :LOL:.... ooooh ok... don't look so sad... heres half...
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Geez.... all that fighting just for a measley half cookie ... *sniff*
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Hissy made a cherry pie over in another thread, maybe we could fight over that!!!!

It's mine, all mine!!!
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Oh good grief..... if I wasn't so good natured and generous I'd just tell you to be grateful for half...... but seeing as I'm sucha kind soul... here, have the other half, its only got a little bit of slobber on it... I hadn't chewed it yet or anything....
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Everyone can have my cookies - I don't eat them anymore! No more junk (very little anyway) for me! How about some nice grapes - yum!
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Grapes just don't cut it when I'm craving sweets... :laughing: But thanks!!! Check back with me in a few weeks when I will be living on fruits and veggies and a strict diet. UUUUGGGGG Can't wait.
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Hey Debby, you can always dip the grapes in chocolate!!!!
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Now there's an idea!!!! :LOL:
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Yeah, and the good thing is, the grapes will cancel out the calories in the chocolate, so effectively you'll be eating NOTHING!! :LOL:
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Sounds wonderful!!!! Not sure how chocolate will taste on the carrot sticks, though.... :tounge2:
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Hey! You are making me want to snack on bad things! Hypnosis only can do so much! Ok - I am going to crack and have 1 twizzler! They are low fat, but taste good!
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Boy that sounds really familiar, but I can't place it. Is it an older song or new?
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i will keep my ears open for it, and let you know if I find out who sings it. Colby might know...she is really up on all the new stuff out. You might ask her too.
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