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Yay for Soft Claws!

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So we decided to venture into the world of softclaws, and let me tell you it was an easier experience then I thought it would be. My husband was very skeptical, and didn't want to put them on, but we worked together as a team, and did the front paws of both of our cats in a little under an hour!

I was shocked it went so easily, and almost 12 hours later they are all still on, and the cats don't even realize that they are there (or if they do they are ignoring them).

I'm so proud of them. The sit so still while we applied them! The little one was a little wiggly, but that's to be expected, she's always wiggly! LOL
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That's great to hear!! We ordered ours online and are waiting impatiently for them to try them out

Any tips for other people?
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It was really easier then I could have imagined. We had one person hold the cat in a towel (to avoid squirming and bunny kicking) and the second person applied the glue to the nail cover, and slid it on.
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I'm thinking of trying Soft Claws for my cats, too. One in particular likes to knead, which can be very painfull unless her claws are trimmed every week. How are your cats doing with them? Are they still able to use their claws to grab things, etc? I worry a bit that they might make my cats clumsy.
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One of mine is a kneader and I couldn't feel it this morning! It was wonderful. As for the climbing bit we only did the front paws, so they were still able to climb the scratching post and jump up it. (This was my husbands biggest concern).

They've been jumping up on the bed, and the couch and the cat chair with no problems either. 24 hours later, and I'm a VERY happy customer
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Thanks! They sound great.
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