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Reaction to deworming...I'm worried

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I've called the vet twice about Lusa's reaction to the dewormer I gave her last Tuesday, but I'm still worried about it.

She's had diarrhea several times since Tuesday. The food's going through her undigested. She still eating and drinking, thank goodness. The vet's office said that it'll run its course, but she's already thin to begin with.

Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable?
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Was the dewormer from your vet?
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maybe im overreacting but i would be pretty concerned about diarrhea lasting that long. she could be severely dehydrated, not to mention whatever else is going on insider her. i dont have any experience with bad reactions to deworming though, thank goodness.
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Some dewormers can have a toxic effect together with other medication or treatment against fleas. If the food is going through her undigested you need to take her to the vet. Its seems as her stomach is completely nocked out and she might need treatment and diet to get on her feet again.
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The dewormer came from the vet. It's a yellowish paste given orally. I called them twice about her symptoms, but they said it's normal and I could wait to bring her in on Tuesday. She's scheduled to get immunized on Tuesday, but I have a feeling that they're going to want to wait another week or two for shots. I'm giving her some KMR along with her normal food and water.

Should I give her boiled hamburger and rice like I do with my dog when he has diarrhea?
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pumpkin (canned or fresh as long as its pure plain pumpkin with nothing added) is a good remedy for diarrhea you could also try yogurt. ive never heard of giving boiled hamburger and rice for it (in dogs or cats) but it wouldnt hurt. from my experience with vets they will probably want to go ahead with the shots but if you are uncomfortable with it tell them you want to wait (i would).

edited: oh and i dont know why they are saying that reaction is normal, it isnt. both of my kittens were very recently wormed and had no reaction. maybe it is not an uncommon reaction in cats who are very sensitive to it though. still worrisome and i dont like the vets attitude to it at all. i definately would try a different wormer next time your cat needs it.
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Lusa's stool final got back to normal on Sunday. Unfortunately, the dewormer didn't get rid of all of the worms Her fecal still showed roundworms. The vet gave her a different wormer today -- hopefully this will take care of the problem. I feel so bad for her and pray that she won't react badly to this one.
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