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Own Cat at Job Trying to ATTACK... Advice??

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Yup thats right... she hates the vet... and thats just where i work...!

Tuesday, my BF called me (the cats i own live at his house) and told me that she had been eatting, but vomiting it up... and that her stomach area was tense.

He brought her in and she went ballistic... but she needed the sx to fix her...

It turns out that it was her Lymph Nodes near her Intestines- small. (yes i watched the operation... for a while, then i broke down and had to leave... just in time because a few minutes later, she vomited with the tube in her mouth, and "died" on the table... but she was stablized and fine now...). Now it is a matter of if it is just a BACTERIAL INFECTION or CANCER... but she is only a year and 3 months...

ANYWAY... i wanted to know if anyone has any advise on what to do when she comes to my job and tries to attack me, doing backflips and clawing, biting, and screaming for no reason... as she is perfectly fine at home... and she basically grew up there!!!

any ideas??? i need the help...
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I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to say I hope she gets better.
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She sounds like the vet terrifies her and it has nothing to do with you.

Some ideas - spray the carrier with Feliway before you put her in it. Try some Bach's Rescue Remedy (you can rub some on her ear, give it to her orally or add it to her water for a few days before the vet visit).
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Maybe the vet can give you a few doses of Valium to give her before she goes to the vet. Then she will be sedated, and not so scared. Then just scruff her firmly so she can't attack.

Good luck with her health problems.
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She's obviously smelling all the other odors there and she's scared silly. Would your boss make a house call?
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I'm sorry, I don't know what to do, but I really hope she gets better soon. How about sedating her before you leave?
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XX tha's weird, i have the same problem with Kricket. I use to bring her to work (i work in a vets office as well) with me all the time cause i had to bottle feed her every 2 hours. Since i stoped taking her after she got her first shots, she HATES the place. Strange since she was raised there, thankfully she isnt as bad as yours when we go back, shes just frightened and latches on with her claws to anything she can. You can try a sedative to help calm her down before the trip to the vets. That is about all I can suggest, GOOD LUCK! Hope she is doing better!!!
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thank you for your kind and heartfelt wishes about munchy-kat... she's reall sweety and i really hope its not anything bad, and i will try allof you reccomended ideas!
thank you very much!
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