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"Why you little!"

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Heres a few shots of my ever so sweet and innocent, never getting into trouble, always being a perfect little princess, darling bengal shredding her 8th roll of toilet paper. It has been a while since the last one, as I had moved it to a very high towel rack. As of today, she can jump high enough to get it.

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How cute! Mine hasn't done this yet!
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Pray she never does! As adorable as it seems, it gets frustrating pretty quick. The worst part is, as soon as you catch them in the act, they just look back and let you know how much fun they are having. I find it pretty much impossible to punish a kitty for having that much fun.
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OMG!! That is so cute!! Better stock up on TP!!
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I hate to say it, but if you are not the one who has to clean up the mess (and I don't!), then the photos are absolutely adorable!!!!

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I am so happy none of my 5 do that! She is so cute - how can you stay mad at her!
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this is one thing that never interested my Loki, ok maybe his attentiob span is not long enough for this kind of activity (hehehehe). As you know Bengals are "hyper" aham I mean active!
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That looks fairly familiar....that's also why the TP is under lock and key at my house! Trent isn't interested in the one on the roll, just the loose ones.

She is too cute to stay mad at, though. Hey, at least toilet paper is cheap.

What's funny is that I showed hubby the picture of Tiki's baby, and he said absolutely no way to a Bengal. When he was staying with a friend, she had a Bengal, and he said that cat was just too hyper for him!
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Cute pics!
Gizmo & Scooter will destroy the paper towels if I leave them out
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Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Catmommy: Unfortunately, I am the one that gets to clean up the mess. Luckily, she tends to keep the mess in one or two rooms, so its usually not too bad.

adymarie: Its impossible to stay mad. Especially when a few minutes after destroying to TP, shes in my face bumping heads with me and purring.

valanhb: I think bengals get a bad rap for being 'hyper'. I agree that they can be a bit more active than the average domestic, and they tend to like to get rid of energy in bursts (streaking across the room at top speed), but aside from that, I dont think they are 'hyper' at all. Mine sleeps with me every night, wakes me up every morning by butting heads with me and licking my face, spends plenty of time purring on my lap, and takes quite a few cat naps near the window. Maybe I just have a docile bengal, or a different definition of 'hyper'. I wouldnt trade my bengal for anything, though.

Tigger: She goes for paper towels too, but luckily, hasnt bothered the roll yet. She only attacks them once off the roll.
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Bengals are so different than say moggies! Their energy level is thru the roof -- Plus, they have such personalities It's great own them.... makes things fun around the house!
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Tigger I couldn't have said it better! I totally agree with you!
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diddo and they are such communicators - I can have an actual ongoing conversation with Loki (he says something, I say something and so on and so on). He is my little yenta!
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I'm so envious of all you who are owned by bengals. Maybe it was because it wasn't his cat, maybe because she was still a kitten when he knew her, but he has this total "wild cat" image in his mind. Maybe by the time we can afford one, I can convince him.
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What cute pictures!!! Snowball has never had any interest in shredding tp. He's not hyper at all, just calm and relaxed.
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She is certainly enjoying herself. Molly never got into the toilet paper scene. Faile on the other hand, she went through a phase where she would shred a roll if she could find it. If not, she was content to unroll it, making contented little meows as she did.

Here's a picture:
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Jaid: what a great series of pics... especially the last one with her head raised innocently and the evidence in her mouth!

My Bugs isn't much for shredding paper... he likes to take the loose end in his mouth and then unroll it by walking away with it. I once came home with a client (I have a home office) to find toilet paper strung from the upstairs bathroom down the stairs. That was fun to explain.

I keep threatening to buy one-ply on the basis that it would break easily... but it's actually kind of funny to see him do this. What I'd like to know is... how do they come up with these strange preoccupations?
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LOL! Look at the REMORSE on his face!
Beautiful kitty, BTW!

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The Dreaded Tum: I swear, it has a sort of catnip affect on my little one. She absolutely loves it. She shreds paper a bit as well, but not with nearly the determination and spunk that she shreds tissue.

kimward34: Its either remorse, or more of a "uh-oh, he heard me!". Personally, I think its a bit more of latter
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Too funny! I enjoy your pictures - keep 'em coming!
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More interesting to watch than to clean up. More really great pictures. Once or twice a year miss kitty(my cat) will unroll a large quantity onto the floor but at least she does not tear it up. The hard part is making her roll it up again. don
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