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Cat that refuses to groom herself

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Has anyone ever had this prolem? I have an orange girl that simply refuses to groom herself at all. If I don't wipe her down a couple times a week she ends up looking dusty and dull.

The only other thing that's strange about this cat is that she is always coming down with a cold. It's gotten to the point where my vet just said to stop coming in and let it run it's course, unless it got worse then normal and then sent me home with an armload of meds to stock up with just in case. Seriously, she's always got a runny nose. It'll clear up for a few weeks and then it's back again. (needless to say I'd be paying for my vet's childrens college education if I kept going in everytime she got sick)

Anyway, other than that she's a perfectly normal cat. Very sweet, active and has a great appetite.

I'm wondering if maybe the lack of grooming is related somehow to her constant colds? Any suggestions or advice on either issue would be greatly appreciated.
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It could be related (the "colds" and grooming). But it sounds like an upper respirtory infection (chronic) or allergies. Does anyone in your house smoke?

I would just establish a grooming routine twice a week - combing, brushing and check nails. I've had cats that didn't groom a lot, they were fine; probably just a little bit lazy
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Nope, no one smokes and the other kitties haven't caught any colds from her either. It's very strange that she keeps coming down with them.

I do groom her a few times a week. I've just never seen a cat that won't groom herself. She's a weird little one.
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Does she have all of her claws? Cats that have been declawed have a very hard time grooming themselves.

Have a blessed day
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Is she an older cat? I had two senior females that quit grooming and the vet told me that it's not uncommon for older cats to do this.
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She has her claws and she's only 2 years old.

Lucky for her one of my dogs LOVES to wash her. She can often get a free bath from him, along with weekly groomings from me so she's not lacking in the hygine department.
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My orange girl is the same way (Sapphire) I've never understood it, she always looks a liitle nappy I just brush her regularly, and if she gets extra bad, I'll give her a bath
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