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Tortoise Shell....

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Hi. New here, don't know much about cat breeds (just horses), but I was wondering if this is actually a color breed or just a really neat color. I know Palomino horses are a registered color breed regardless of heritage (but usually QH), and I just thought if my cat could get papers it'd be nice to have.

Anyway, thanks!
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Nope, tortoise-shell is just a color pattern.
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Tortoiseshell or torties are a color only - they are found in almost every breed. Torties are basically a black and red cat - the colors are mingled together - not spotted like a calico (which is a white cat with patches of black and red).
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Okay, well, she's still purrrfect to me! Thanks!
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My Serenity would like to agree, Sangria! Yes! Torties are purrfect!
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