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Anyone's cat "sleep talks" ??

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Bling has just recently started to do a strange thing where he "talks" while asleep.... it's not really a meow, more of a strange beeping noise /vocal sigh. Just wondering if anyone else's cat/s do this ???? He does wheeze after playing and sometimes (without playing) just collapses on the ground and does a big sigh (without the beeping noise).... Strange!!
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Does Bling twitch as well when he's asleep?. If so he's having a dream, and it's probably about chasing after a fly or something because my two do that. When Rosie dreams and twitches she sometimes makes the odd whimper.

Mine don't wheeze after playing though?. Sometimes you'll hear them give a slight sigh just like we would.

Has Bling had his wheezing checked over?
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No not yet. I wasn't sure if it was anything to worry about. He's quite a "panty" kitten - there's always a sigh and wheezing so I figured it was normal but now he's started the sleep "talking" too.... so I thought I'd find out if other cats did this too!
Thanks for the reply!
PS. Rosie and Sophie are sooo cute!
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Our MoJo meows and sometimes yowls in his sleep, but he twitches incessantly anyway. It's really freaky because sometimes he's doing that, but he's sleeping with his eyes open, so his pupils are kind of rolled up into his head and his third eyelid is showing. It gets worse when he's like that and goes into REM stage - he did this while laying on me one day and I thought he was seizing or something. He's a weirdo anyway. A few of our cats, including one of the kittens, will pant after playing, but no wheezing or coughing.
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Oooohhh, sleeping with the eyes open! Now that would freak me out... I guess I'm hoping he's just having lots of exciting dreams involving mice and birds then ! Good to know a couple of other cats do the same thing though
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I've had a cat that used to make a chattering sound, like a rattlesnake, when she was sleeping sometimes. I always thought that it was part of a dream.

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Tilly chatters and runs sometimes in her sleep, since she tends to sleep on the edge of the sofa she's fallen off a few times and landed ungracefully
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How cute!!!!!! Sparkles has a habit of choosing spots at an angle so she slides off in her sleep and lands bump on the floor!! Thanks everyone for your help!
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