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new kitten blues

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Hi all,

Here's the situation. We took in a stray kitten in September of last year. He's done awesome and is the sweetest kitty in the world. Had no trouble with the transition to indoors. A total "people cat." My hubby and I travel a lot on weekends and such, so we thought a companion would be nice for him. I picked up another stray this afternoon (my guess is about 8 weeks old) and brought it home (I say "it" b/c I can't tell yet if male or female. Bringing to vet tomorrow.)

I have had the new kitty in a spare bedroom since we brought it home, and it hasn't come out from under the bed. I think it is terrified of people. (Trembled the entire time I held him when we got home.) I've tried food, toys, etc. I held our first cat and showed him the new kitty and he meowed a little but didn't hiss at all, just seemed a little scared himself and alot curious. The new cat seemed to LIKE seeing another cat - in fact that's the only time it even made movement towards coming out from under the bed. (New kitty had a lot of other stray friends)

Is this normal? I will not like having a cat that hates people. Is it just freaked out by the transition? Also, first cat threw up his dinner tonight (which is rare) so I think he's a little unnerved also, just knowing a little kitty is somewhere in the house. Any advice you all would have would be great. Thanks!!!

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you just need to be patient. You haven't had this kitten 24 hrs and chances are he has had a really hard life, been seperated from his mamma and littermates way to early and he has to all of a sudden make all these adjustments. He has to do it in HIS time and not yours. He should still be with mom and he is wondering what happened to shake up his world. You want and expect him to respond like a domesticated cat and if he was a stray, he doesn't have a clue what a lap is like, or that a hand is capable of not hurting him.

Go in the room and sit down and read out loud to him about 10 minutes a day so he gets used to your voice. Take an old teeshirt, put it on and get it sweaty and throw it on the floor of his room so he can get used to your smell. Don't crowd him, have patience and he will come around, but it will not happen overnight.If it did, there would be a lot less stray cats out in the world. A lot of people just don't want to take the time needed to reach a feral kitty.
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Our cat Trix was an eight week old stray that we found hovering on the side of the road on a VERY cold night. My husband doesn't really care for cats but he felt sorry for it and pulled over to pick it up anyway. It took her about a week to finally get used to us and to come out of hiding. The kids tried really hard to coax her out of her hiding spot in the basement but she had her own agenda. Just be patient, your kitty will come around. Trix is now a huge part of our family and even my husband doesn't mind her lap landing now.
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Hi Teri,

It's so hard isn't it - we have these little movies in our heads of bringing a new kitten home and it being so grateful to have a wonderful mummy just like you and a lovely, comfy, safe home. I guess we need to face the reality that they're just scared little babies that have endured the trauma of being taken from their kitty mummies (that's gotta be tough).

Hissy has some great suggestions there with the reading (love that one Hissy - that's gotta work) and the scented t-shirt. Just like she said patience and heaps of loving will surely get you into this little guys heart!

I'll be thinking of you, look forward to hearing of your progress.

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Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas! Kitty is roaming around the bedroom, hides when I come in, and then starts meowing like crazy. Went poo on the floor once, but I see little pawprints in the litter box, so I think kitty is coming around. Still trembles when we hold him. Taking to the vet this afternoon - hopefully no feline luekemia or fleas. But so far, old kitty is handling things like a champ. Sniffs around the bedroom door a lot, but no signs of agression...more confusion then anything else.

How long do you think we should keep them seperated? I'm thinking I'll do the room switcharoo on Thursday and kind of play it by ear from there.

Again, thanks for all the tips. Would be tempted to drive to the nearest shelter if it weren't for you guys as I have no clue what I'm doing!!

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Teri - your time and patience will be it's own reward! One day soon, that fur babe will come to you and purr up a storm! I guarantee it!!!
Please let us know how you make out at the Vet's!
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Vet visit went pretty good - the kitty is a she and 10 weeks old. (much older then we thought!) Only weighs 1 lb. 8 oz. She had an upper respiratory infection and fleas. But no feline luekemia - which even the vet was surprised at. I couldn't believe when they drew the blood for the luekemia test she didn't scream or anything. Just looked at me like "why are they doing this to me?"

Anyway, got revolution for both the kitty and Oliver (our adult cat) just in case he got fleas somehow from her.

My question is...will fleas infect our home? We've kept kitty in a back room exclusively, but do I need to wash everything and scrub the place from top to bottom? And how can I be sure that they're gone?

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I would wash any bedding that is in that room and her area very well Vacuum the floors there and then do it again! Throw that bag out right away. You can treat the room, but I would not do that and then put kitty back in there very soon afterwrds. There could be fumes, etc that would bother her and make her ill. I assume they gave you some antibiotics for the upper respiatory infection?

so..what is the name of this little fur ball?
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Awwwh, poor little baby had upper respiratory infection and fleas no wonder she's not quite herself. I'm sure she'll come round in no time at all now that she's being treated.

I'd really like to know what you've decided to call your new baby girl too! You can always call for suggestions if you're stumped.....

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Hey, we're all waiting to hear your new little one's name!
Also, an update on the introduction between the two would be great.
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I don't know if you've introduced your two kitties yet, but I'd like to share my experience. When I brought my younger kitty home I kept him seperated from my older cat too - to let him adjust easier. The closed door brought Giz (older) sniffing around curiously, but without aggression. When I allowed them to see each other for the first time, it was Tigger who was the aggressive one. I was really worried at first because for a year and a half, Giz was my one and only - and I wasn't going to let anyone pick on him! But I gave it more time (almost past the point of patience) and now they are best friends!

Don't give up! Good luck!
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