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Best way to play w/ kittens?

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Can someone suggest how we should play with our kittens so that they get used to us, enjoy our company and enjoy our touch? We have 2 of them, 5 weeks old and we have ALOT of time to spend with them. We'd just like to make sure it's the best possible quality of time.

They enjoy being petted, but not held/lifted particularly. Usually when we go into their area they don't really even notice us(good cause they dont mind people at all), although there is very little *direct* interaction. Several times there was, and they did explore us on their own initative. One of them purrs heavily while interacting/exploring us. Also, i notice they avert eye contact usually(not always but frquently).

Thanks again for the advice ^^
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cat toy's IE mice ect.. u can play with them with these and thing's that dangle when u feed them give them a stroke ( my cat's like this) i have 7 cat's 3 of them are only 2 week's , but they love the mice we get and u can get ball's and just spend some 1 on 1 time with them playing some cat's just like to be very inderpendent and not really play to much other's lap it up lol good luck
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Are these Kittens seperated from their mother all ready? % weeks old they should if possible still be with there mother. If they aren't then often they like the warmth and comfort of being able to sleep in your lap this helps socialize them. They still sleep alot at this age. When they are awake anything that moves or wiggles kittens will play with. Just a piece of string or yarn will do for a toy.Allow them to be around you and don't push trying to pick them up if they aren't ready for that yet.The more they are with you the sooner they will adjust to you. But I bet they will sleep in your lap or beside you on the couch .Your local pet store sells alot of toys kittens like. Cat teasers with feathers they like, mine always liked the hartz toy mice that are fuzzy.
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Sometimes if they cry when you pick one up, try picking up two together. Then it is not so scary. And sit on the floor near them. Before long, they will be crawling all over you!
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