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Is she pregnant

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I am new to the group, and also a new breeder of Persians. I have not had my first litter yet but I have tried breeding my show boy and show girl together several times-they are both newbies at breeding.
She has been cycling several months every 2-3 weeks is average now she has skipped a heat and has gained 11 oz this week-if she is pregnant she would be 3 almost 4 weeks along.
-I don't know what pinking up looks like, as she is my first-she is a white-her sides are sticking out some-but not sure if she is just gaining weight or pregnant-any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance,

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"Pinking up" means the nipples will turn a brighter shade of pink rather then the pale pink or white that is normally seen. Sometimes that doesn't happen till 3-4 weeks pregnant. Some of my rexes did not pink up till 4 weeks pregnant.

Hope things turn out well. Are your cats champion or better yet?
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